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Our simulations and scenario-based trainings mimics real life scenarios and provides practice sessions that enables the learners to enhance their skills.


We design engaging, relevant and impactful eLearning solutions to meet all your learning needs. Our solutions include a mix of dynamic content, rich media, and opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge.


We develop mobile learning to deliver job-specific and objective-critical information in easily digestible chunks. Our mobile learning solutions are engaging, media rich and optimized for the latest devices.


We enable organizations to manage eLearning content, plan and schedule sessions, manage user and groups, report on training and certification, test the courses, compile evaluations, and manage progress reports.


We design effective ILT solutions to match the skill level of learners, their learning style and schedule. Our solutions include job aids, activity guides, custom power-point guides, etc.


We develop video and animation-based solutions for impactful learning. They can be used as standalone solutions or as follow-up sessions or even as performance support solutions.

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We are dedicated creative designers who are willing to work hard to deliver our valuable customers the best ever e-learning content.

About Creativ Technologies

We, at Creativ Technologies, take pride in delivering rapid and cost-effective eLearning solutions. We are based in Northern Virginia, with our development office in India. Regardless of your organization’s size and the vertical that you operate in, we can help you reduce costs, escalate compliance and onboarding.

Why Creativ Technologies?

We commit ourselves to create the most immersive and engaging learning experiences for our learners. As leaders in interactive learning and eLearning course development, our association with clients from different verticals has enabled us to adopt unique interpretations and perspectives and think outside-the-box to create customized projects that fully suit our clients’ requirements.

Process We Follow

We follow a unique methodology that rests upon consistent communication between all the people associated with a project. We closely scrutinize the projects and create a project plan based on our discussions pertaining to the GUI, standards, and guidelines and scope of the project.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

My overall experience of working with Creativ Technologies has been very pleasant and productive and I look forward to continue working with them.

I am very happy with the output produced by the Creativ Technologies team. It is of high quality and perfectly meets our requirements. I enjoyed working with Creativ Technologies and will continue to work with them.

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