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Is there something better than Cloud computing in E-learning?

Readers, my immediate reaction would be No, not yet. Cloud computing is by far the best technology evolved for effective E-learning. The Cloud LMS is an innovative approach that allows learners to access learning material and information anytime and from anywhere. There are several more reasons why the cloud-based system is better than traditional systems and they are:

1. Less Costly: Cloud LMS can be considered as an alternative to minimize cost as this does not require downloading and installing any specific software requirements and personnel for the development and maintenance of this software as all these processes happen in the cloud data center.

2. Enhances Performance: This reduces the need for crash recovery since the data is stored in the cloud. The cloud service provider is responsible for any data crashes.

3. Speedy Updates: Since the e-learning applications are run through the cloud power, the software gets automatically updated in the cloud source. This enables e-learners to get updates instantly.

4. Multiple Devices: A Cloud LMS can be run on multiple devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets with internet connectivity.

5. Scalability Activity: With the help of the cloud LMS business can adapt according to the rapidly changing environment. This allows businesses to increase or decrease the resources just by adding or removing the number of servers as per the requirement of the businesses.

6. Global Talent Pool: The Cloud LMS allows users a similar experience on any internet connection with minimum software requirements. The same work can be done from multiple geographical locations just by connecting a server to the cloud.

7. Improves Security: In traditional methods, the system crashes result in huge data loss which is a major setback to the business. If the data is saved through cloud computing then it’s a safer option as both the software and the data are located on remote servers that are well protected against security breaches.




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