Rainy Day Background Created Using JavaScript

Rainy Day Background Created Using JavaScript


  Playing with Articulate Again!!  :o)

  Adding an animated background to your course can enhance the look and feel 
  of your interface.

  Below is a sample that contains rainy background, this aint a video that loops 
  infinitely, I have used JavaScript for this effect.

  NOTE: Here I have used the dummy values for the temperature. I would like 
  to convert these dummy values into real ones, so please suggest how to do so.

  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  Flash Output: https://db.tt/8kQApf1m

  HTML5 Output: https://db.tt/SUQUORhh

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  1. Pretty cool, how did you do it?

  2. Hi there!,
    I started with adding a background Image to a web page. Then used JavaScript to blur the background image and control water droplets. Using this effect can make your course very light and easy to use as compared to adding a high quality video in the background.


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