How to have elearning programs for developing leaders?

Today’s business leaders have to cope with a lot of challenges.

A company can make sure that leaders understand what the market needs through e-learning.

This way, there can be innovation in the products leading to the company becoming a market leader. Sometimes, such innovation in products is necessary for the company to retain its market share. Therefore, it’s important that proper elearning training is provided to them to face such challenges.

What the companies need and what is available for them do not coincide any more. Therefore, they are investing money in authentic leadership programs.

As per the Harvard Business Review, 66% of companies are now putting their money into leadership programs. However, only 24% of such programs to face a leadership challenge yield results.

The companies need to realize that their leadership programs need to be purpose-oriented. Only industry leaders can let you know about what should be the purpose of a leadership program for building effective leadership skills.

It’s important to employ a proper strategy to have proper leadership development programs.
This strategy must include 3 phases:

1. Alignment

It’s important to understand what are the skills possessed by the baby boomer generation. This generation will retire and the new leaders will take their place. So, what kinds of skills are required for them.

Moreover, with the progress in technology, there has to be the development of new leadership roles. You should also consider what the career aspirations of your best employees are. They have to be trained accordingly.

When you consider all these factors, you are ready for a leadership program, that serves your organization’s needs. Success will follow once the leadership programs are as per the future goals of an organization.

2. Sponsorship

It’s also important to spread positivity about the leadership development program. The senior management can choose candidates who it considers wise to act as leaders in the future.

It can nominate the potential candidates who can be nominated for the leadership program.

Awards can be showered on those who are successful in completing the program.

3. Open to all

It’s also important to make sure that you are very clear and open about the qualities of a leader. This will make sure that executives from diverse backgrounds can participate in your leadership development programs.

When you have leaders from different backgrounds, you are likely to get higher profit margins. This has been proved in research done by Mckinsey and Company, it found out that companies that had chosen both women and men in top leadership roles took home 15% of profits than those that didn’t. The same holds for ethnic diversity. Companies with people from different backgrounds in their leadership roles gained 35% more profits than others. So, a good leader can be from any ethnicity or of any gender.

Choosing a partner such as to spread positive leadership skills had several advantages:

  • Low retention in classroom training

A company can opt for either classroom training which provides time off from the job to the potential leaders. However, the retention capacity in such programs is low. Potential leaders learn more in an on-the-job training program. Hence an elearning program that the learners can go through while working is more helpful to train future leaders.

  • Listen to what the customer wants

Leadership programs with Creative technologies don’t just include bookish knowledge about particular leadership styles. We consult the management of the companies before coming up with a leadership program. According to us, context is quite important. Hence we understand whether the leader needs to focus on relationship-building skills or the growth of the business units.

  • Ample experience in elearning programs

We have ample experience in elearning programs. So, we know how to use tools like Articulate Storyline to your advantage. This implies that scenarios can be created to test the knowledge of the leaders. They can be given several scenarios as an outcome of a situation from which they have to choose one.
So, this is how you can benefit from our elearning programs involving leadership goals.

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