microlearning getting popular

Why microlearning is getting popular?

The conventional learning methods have taken a backseat now due to the cost involved in delivering them. Apart from that, the lack of time on the learner’s part has also rendered elearning methods obsolete.

Microlearning helps someone get training even if he or she is not at the location of training. For large organizations, the travelling costs for employees at different locations for the training purpose are quite high.
Since the employees can’t be present in the office all the time to get the training, microlearning is an essential service for them. Training seminars cost a lot when you to book a location also.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is divided into different modules where each module focuses on a different topic. The nuggets in microlearning are of 3-5 minutes duration each. These nuggets are used for different platforms such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. The learning speed is also enhanced because learners are required to imbibe short topics only due to small attention spans. There has been a fall in the average human attention span. In the year 2000, this span was about 12 seconds. After 15 years, it has reduced to 8 seconds. Therefore, microlearning is perfect for learners of today.

There is a higher return on investment in microlearning because the content is developed in nuggets. These nuggets have a short development cycle which is the reason the elearning authors are able to send them to clients quickly.

The training is also imparted quickly because these nuggets have a short duration.

Reuse of content in microlearning

The content can be changed quite easily in microlearning. Since the content is short, changes can be made swiftly. The same content can be used for different purposes after changing it. There are other reasons also why microlearning content should be implemented.

  • Retaining of content

Since the content is provided in a short duration, the content can be remembered with ease. Employees also have short duration spans. That’s, why microlearning is crucial for company training purposes.

  • Interested employees

Employees are interested more in microlearning content because it includes multimedia. Employees can check this multimedia content on their phones in their spare time.

  • Better participation

Employees are easily able to take part in microlearning because it is of a short time. Due to its smaller formats, learning through it is simpler and participation rates are high.

Various uses of microlearning 

Microlearning can be deployed for different kinds of training purposes such as behavioural training, professional skills and compliance. To provide training for behavioural changes in employees, two types of training are deployed such as scenario training and gamified learning. These kinds of training nuggets include an introduction of 2-3 minutes and then an explanation of objectives in 2-3 minutes more.

For compliance-based microlearning videos, there is the use of images in the course. Apart from that, there is also the inclusion of a scenario so that the workers can recognize a prospective hazard and then get feedback on how to deal with it.

So, microlearning nuggets have a variety of uses. They can be used for formal and informal training. They can be installed on LMS or even installed on the website of a company.


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