How to reduce bias in your company?

reduce bias in a company

How to reduce bias in your company?

Often companies segregate people into groups as per their own intuition. This is not right and correct. This is a result of our own faulty mindset. Some people don’t want to change behaviour about forming stereotypes for other people. However, organisations can include removal of this kind of behaviour in their learning programs.

So, the question is how to reduce bias in the workplace.

1.The referral programs should include all: Whatever are the referral programs of a company, from wherever it gets its customers, should include everybody. There should not be any bias of any kind. In a referral program, the customers advertise about the company to other prospective customers. Referrals increase the profits of the company because they just imply giving some positive incentive to the customers for spreading word-of-mouth publicity.
2.Inspection of algorithms that are used to find candidates by the employers: Sometimes there can be inbuilt prejudice in the algorithms used by employers to get candidates. Such prejudice should be removed.
3.Regulate your behaviour: It’s important to control your own behaviour that includes bias. Just try to understand why you react to certain people in a certain way. You may be making any fast decisions when it comes to people, are those decisions logical or is there a bias behind them?
4.Increase your social circle: Make sure that you just don’t interact with the same group of people every day. You should try to talk to everybody irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. This will lead to a higher understanding of the competence of other people around you.
5.Make some basic rules: Don’t bear fights in the team. Make sure everyone is heard to and can tell their share of the story.
6.Rotate jobs to make sure that there is no stereotyping: It’s important to rotate small housekeeping jobs. It’s important to note down minutes, arranging refreshments to ensure that there is complete objectivity and bias is reduced. Just assigning the tasks to one group of people means you are stereotyping by gender or colour.
7.Speak to reduce bias: Sometimes there can be a bias in your team. This happens when a male coworker interrupts a female coworker. Make sure that female coworkers are also heard. Also, make sure that preference is not given to white staff all the time. Projects are assigned to black staff as well as women based on their competence and there should be no bias whatsoever. 
8.Apologise if you have not understood anything: To reduce bias in your company, you must apologise to anyone irrespective of their background if you have done anything wrong.
9.Make sure candidates from diverse backgrounds are hired: Candidates from different backgrounds must be hired in the company if they have competence for the job. There should not be any bias against hiring any particular gender or race.
10.Be clear about your goal: You should be clear about your achievement of the goal. Credit should be given clearly to one side or another based on what they have done.
By following these steps, you can reduce bias in your company. You can also give elearning to employees to reduce their biases towards others.

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