online training and its features

Online training: What does it involve?

In the present years, online training has assumed an important role.

Students are preferring elearning because it is easier to use than classroom training. Especially in the case of asynchronous elearning where the student and teacher don’t have to be present at the same time, students find it very convenient. This kind of elearning consists of recorded lectures. Students don’t have the time to study, and they can log on to the portal at any time to access the course.
Online training has also assumed so much popularity because it’s cost-friendly. When you have a massive open online course available to you, you can learn a language for free. The reason why online training has become so popular is because of massive technological developments. There has been the advent of authoring tools.That’s why, Online training is so much cheaper because authoring tools don’t cost that much. On the other hand, trainers cost a lot and assembling all the students/employees at the same place for training is also costly .

Constituents of online training
The online training consists of software that gets installed on your PC. Now, you can access the course with this software. There is a menu in this course. So, you can browse to whatever section you find feasible. There are various parts in this training course for learning such as tests and an exam. There can be different kinds of tests including MCQ’s, fill-in-the-blanks and essays. The course has animation also to make it more entertaining for the learner.
Online training is of two types:

  • Closed network: To log on to the network, the user must have a username and password. This is necessary so that nobody can access the elearning system of the company. It’s not accessible from every part of the world.
  • Open network: As the name suggests, learners can access the training material from any part of the world.

Problems in elearning.

But managers who have not worked from home or trained from home don’t understand its importance unless they themselves do so.

These are the following problems in online learning:

  • Lack of trust: Managers have no trust in people when they are working or training from home. It’s because they are inclined to see people at their workstations. For them, the physical presence of a person is quite important.
  • It’s better to have employees work or train from home rather than shutting down the office. If in Corona, offices won’t have allowed work from home, there would have been losses amounting to 30 billion dollars every day.

  • Boring: Since there is no interaction in elearning, it turns out to be quite boring. The solution to this problem is that the courses must be made funny and interesting. There can be webinars in courses or speech by characters.

  • Lack of time: Students/learners might not have time to go through online training. Therefore, they need to be given reminders to be able to pursue such courses. There should be a time limit given to the student within which they have to complete the course.

  • Technical problems: Sometimes, there are technical problems in an elearning course is that it’s not compatible with all devices. This can be avoided by giving students a device-friendly course which can be viewed on smartphones and laptops.
    So online training can be easily taken from the home.

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.