elearning is a better technology than traditional learning

Elearning provides a better learning environment

There has been a revolution in digital training. Elearning has been getting popular in the corporate sector. The companies are continuously using it.

Elearning has also become so famous because mobile phones have become popular since the early 2000s.

There was a change in the uses of mobile phones during that time. Mobile phones were no longer used to just make or take calls. They were used for video watching and reading ebooks.
Hence, there are many benefits of elearning:

  • New technologies in elearning
    New technologies exist like augmented reality and virtual reality which can be used to make elearning more entertaining. The augmented reality is a simulation of a real-world environment where the objects that are a part of such a world are supported by information generated by computers. It uses the present environment and adds objects to it to create an artificial environment. Through augmented reality applications, consumers can be made to know about the changes in their life when they buy a product. Augmented reality scenarios can be viewed through mobile phone apps etc.
    Virtual reality is when the user goes in a simulated computer-generated environment through the use of headsets for this purpose. Since virtual reality takes you to a different world, you can take users to simulated environments like the human body.

  • One knowledge base
    Employees can log in to the LMS to know how much information they have accessed. They can recall all the important points by logging into the account with any device.

  • Simple tracking of progress
    The trainer does not need to take tests on paper and then record the progress of a user on a paper. He can check the progress through tests of the reporting system and its analytics which include graphs. These analytics are a part of the LMS.

  • Easy employee training
    Employees are trained easily with this system. When a new product is developed, knowledge can easily be imparted about it through an elearning course.

  • Elearning can resolve the problem of teacher scarcity
    In the year 2019, the Economic Policy Institute shared a report in which it said that the paucity of teachers is large and getting worse. This has been the most strong issue which lies in front of policymakers.
    There is the advantage of elearning in solving the scarcity of teachers. Universities have a ratio of 16 students for every teacher. But an elearning course developed by a single teacher can be used to teach a large number of students. This number can be in thousands and millions.

  • No requirement of textbooks
    There is no need for textbooks to be used in elearning. There is no requirement of expenditure on textbooks by students.Students take education loans to pay for textbooks which is eliminated by elearning.So, elearning proves to be cheaper for students.Moreover, student loans cause stress for students.
    The textbooks need to be redesigned again and the cost of printing is huge once a textbook becomes useless. This is not the case with elearning where change can be made easily in a module.

  • Lesser time used in elearning
    Elearning is a lesser time-consuming alternative as compared to traditional learning. The time taken in elearning is 25-60% less than traditional learning. So, elearning is better for teachers and students who have to devote less time.

In the future, there will be further improvement in elearning whereby Elearning analytics will be combined with theory, hence including solid evidence with elearning theories. These analytics use algorithms on the usage of the module by the learners so that any changes in the performance of users can be reported. It’s a good tool for instructional designers who can easily make changes to the course using such data.