New approaches to instructional designing

Emerging trends in instructional design

The instructional designing model is here to stay.

However, some trends are going to be in vogue for the future in this industry.

The question before instructional designers: The vendors who are working in the market need to know whether the solution will find the right buyers. The instructional design solution should have the right buyers. If someone else can develop a similar situation first, your instructional design might not find many takers.

Therefore, An analysis meeting is necessary before the instructional design is commenced.
However, in any organization, an instructional design model can’t be the panacea for all problems. Plan the solution first for the problem faced in companies. This L & D problem needs to be tackled by an instructional designer. Once he has been in meetings with company employees as to what kind of training they need, he can then choose the technology required to meet it. The learning design models also need upliftment because the L&D market is expanding.

Revolution in learning needs: No company wants their best talents to leave the job. That’s why the companies are investing in training. Therefore, the L&D market is redesigning the learning design. Exciting training videos are being produced. It’s the best time to be in the learning and development industry than ever before.

The instructional designing models are getting used to provide a good experience to the learners.

The exact focus is on the impact of these videos. Creativity is at the crux of these instructional designing videos so that learner engagement is the maximum.
Elearning videos now provide regular feedback to the learners and learner engagement is high. These videos are not just simply about providing instructions to the learners.

Resistance: A massive L&D development is happening as of now. So, there can be failures as well. It’s better to get back even after you have failed. So, for learning a new lesson, you must grasp something from experience. Adaptation is the base of this new learning design experience. That’s what; resistance is all about, that you never give up.

Changes are happening in the instructional designing world. These changes could be in the form of augmented and virtual realities coming into the design. It’s better to predict changes and adapt, rather than not adapt at all.

Human-specific approach: Focus on humans is very important and we need to understand that in an L&D design, humans are the learners. Therefore, an instructional design has to take care of humans. Therefore the application has to think like humans, who have to use the application. The instructional designing module should not be designed like someone from the IT department who will never use the application. In designing an application there must be the use of user experience and user interface. Hence there must be the right selection of fonts. The fonts and the layout form the User interface for the user.

However, the user experience consists of how good you felt after reading a book. This depends on your needs and desires.

The user interface is a part of the user experience, but there are other elements to it such as motivation for the learner and game thinking. Game thinking is about how to resolve a problem with a good approach i.e. how to present the module to the learner so that it solves his/her needs.

Hence, these are the upcoming trends in instructional design.

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.