respect at workplace

How does respect influences your employee’s productivity?

Respect is an important part of an organisation.

A respectful office is very crucial for the success of a business. Communication happens easily when there is respect. In a respectful office, there is also civility in the organization irrespective of someone’s position in the office. Respect ensures that everyone is recognized for their work efforts. With respect for each other, there are no barriers to communication in the office and there is a healthy work environment.
Respect ensures that employees are involved more
It ensures that where there is respect, employees have higher attendance and productivity is high. The respect for the employees should come from the leaders. A Harvard Business Review which had 20,000 employees in the study observed that a sure shot way to have employees more devoted to the company is to give them respect. This study reported that employees treated with respect were 55% more likely to be committed to the organization. And employees who are devoted improve productivity. Researchers have come up with the result that the companies who had more committed employees earned more profits than lesser committed employees.
In a company where employees are respected there is likely to be more professionalism from them. This is because they get more satisfaction from their jobs. As per a survey done by the Society for Human Resources Management, 72% of those who participated considered respect for all employees as very crucial for job satisfaction. Since lack of job satisfaction leads to employee attrition, respect at the workplace is very important.
It has been found out that if you lose an employee, you lose 33% of the salary.
It has also been discovered that where lack of respect is more, such organisations have less creativity. In a study done by the Harvard Business Review, employees who were treated rudely by their coworkers had 20% less creativity than other companies. The employees who were rudely treated didn’t come up with original ideas. Their ideas were less original than ideas of other coworkers and they also gave 1/4th lesser ideas than others.
Lower customer satisfaction
If employees are not respected in their workplace, there are bound to be repercussions. It was discovered in one survey, that employees vent out their frustration on customers. Customers are also likely to buy less from a rude company. It didn’t matter whether it was rude towards its customers or employees.
If customers see rudeness towards employees, they are likely to categorise a company as rude.
Lack of Respect increases lost time
Handling disruptions is quite time-consuming for a company. If one such example happens, it takes the manager’s attention for weeks. In a study, it has been found that that to resolve trouble among employees, the managers of Fortune 1000 companies spent 13% of their scheduled time. This is quite high and leads to 7 weeks of a year just to resolve commotion among employees.
Rudely treated employees don’t cooperate
It’s true that when employees are badly treated, they don’t treat others so well. When employees are treated rudely, they are less likely to show collaboration for important tasks. They are 3 times less possible to help others. In a company with civility and respect for others, employees feel psychological safety and are likely to take risks and collaborate more.

So, this is how respect influences workplace environment and employee productivity.

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