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Why elearning is getting so much focus?

There has been a lot of focus on elearning.

But there are many reasons why elearning is so much used. Let us discuss them all:
Elearning is Personalized
Personalisation is one of the main benefits of elearning. The corporate learners can’t have the same learning solution for all because they can’t meet expectations. So, for corporate learners to improve they need to have a personalized learning solution to be delivered to them. When the elearning courses are personalized for them, corporate learners can benefit from online training and specific course maps. Personalised elearning starts with measuring where learners lack and then provide them with specific courses for their shortcomings.
Smaller resources
Corporate learning and development have specific requirements. Its because the corporates don’t have much time on their hands. Therefore, elearning provides them with smaller resources they can easily browse through. With such short duration resources, corporates easily get all the knowledge and can solve their problems. This also helps companies in improving their return on investment. So, elearning is a win-win solution for companies and their employees.
LMS analytics

An LMS solution must have the proper analytics tools so that the weaknesses and strengths of a learner can be identified on time. It is important to track the performance of a corporate learner in elearning in an LMS to able to make it better. Therefore, an LMS should be chosen which has the proper analytics tools. When the weaknesses of a learner are recognized, additional training solutions can also be provided apart from the personalized elearning course.
Accessible training courses
The LMS courses provide education at the convenience of the learner. Different employees have distinct training needs. They can only get trained when they have the time. For this, they have to create schedules and have target based goals. So, they need to access training resources whenever they want.
Gamification makes elearning interesting
The online training experience is pretty entertaining for the learners. Its because it consists of badges and points. Through games, corporate learners get the necessary initiative to use online learning tools. Games also give feedback to the corporate learner. For example, if he is unable to perform at a certain level, he knows that improvement is required. However, different kinds of games are needed for different kinds of learners.
Scalable designs
These days elearning designs are quite compatible with all the devices. So, you can use them on mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The LMS’s with which these courses are created, allow the users to view them on different devices. This is because the dimensions of the course are adjusted as per the device’s layout. Due to their flexibility with the layouts, they are easily accessible by all kinds of learners.
ELearning communities
There are elearning communities that are quite important for learners to exchange their views with each other. By cooperating, employees solve challenges of elearning tools. Since they can share their opinions on elearning communities, there is healthy interaction among all employees.

These are necessary attributes due to which elearning has become a popular learning tool.

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