skills required in 2021

Skills needed the most in 2021

In current times, some of the jobs have become obsolete. There is however growth of new job roles.

As a result, employees today must have some skills because of new job requirements:

Data management
Data management will assume a major role in the year 2021. Hence the following analytical skills will be searched for in data scientists:
• Make sure the causes of inefficiency are recognized to stop the problems in different kinds of operations
• Making sure supply chains are not so long
• Giving inputs for the development of new products
• Make sure patterns are revealed in the psychological behaviour of employees so that measures can be devised for their performance.
• Get an analysis from a large amount of data of an organization
• Employ different techniques to make sure various details are revealed about the behaviour of customers. What customers prefer is important to know apart from how their behaviour changes with movements of prices.
It has been calculated in a survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers that 69% of the business owners will demand analytics skills by the year 2021. One should have strong analytical skills such knowledge of Tableau, Pentaho and Python. So several jobs will be in demand this year like Data Scientist, Data Analyst etc.
Machine learning
There is automation everywhere now. Hence artificial intelligence will be in a lot of demand to be able to automate processes. There are various benefits of business process automation:
• Delegating boring tasks of a similar nature to a machine that won’t feel monotonous performing them.
• There is also a great accuracy as human errors are removed from the processes.
• The machine can never get tired
• There will also be a decrease in costs as machines would make sure human labour is not used
There are many jobs which involve technical skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning:
• Artificial Intelligence engineer
• Machine learning engineer

Software engineering
It is another kind of job that will have great demand in the year 2021. Software-as-a-service is a new dimension of products that will greater demand in the coming year. Businesses are using complex software as part of their work processes. Hence various jobs that will be in demand are Full Stack developer, Solutions Architect, Software Tester, Software Developer, Technology Analyst etc.
Digital marketing
Today companies use both offline and online marketing. Offline marketing sources such as TV, radio and newspaper are used. Also, digital marketing is of a lot of importance. Companies will focus on new platforms in this source of marketing. Digital platforms allow companies to collect a lot of information about consumer behaviour like which search words are used by them. Therefore, digital marketing will be in great demand in companies such as Consumer Durables and Banking.

2020 will be seen as a year involving a lot of stress put on mental health.Hence pschycology will also have a great demand in the year 2021 as companies have started realizing the benefits of a commotion free workplace. Happy employees are the source of strength for any business. Psychologists can play a key role in improving the happiness of employees.
Hence these are the skills that will draw the attention of the recruiter in 2021.

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