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Make sure employee onboarding is easier during Covid-19 pandemic

The employee onboarding process has become a serious problem ever since the employees started working from home.

Companies have to adjust to employees work from until this era of Covid-19 pandemic is over.Now, the companies need to understand how to do employee onboarding process during the times of Covid-19 crisis.

The employee onboarding process can be done online

The companies may have to do the employee onboarding process online. This implies employees can log on to the learning management system online and get all their onboarding information. For this, employees must have the necessary supplies such as the required hardware, software and the required computer to be able to access the company LMS. This is easy, they just need to log on to the company website with their credentials and get going.

Chat with each other through social learning tools

The company can benefit a lot if it has properly prepared the LMS. It is better to have social learning tools in the LMS. This way, LMS can make sure that employees who have just joined their respective jobs can connect. For this kind of social connectivity to happen, there should be forums in the LMS. This kind of social networking replaces lunch hours in the company when employees used to interact with each other. This kind of connectivity with each other makes sure that the new employees connect through video conferencing and imbibe the basics of working at your company.

Make them interact with senior employees

When people are given induction sessions online, it’s better to have them interact with those who have worked in your company for some time. This way new employees can be informed about the culture of your company. Also, experienced employees help new employees adjust better to the workplace and the work environment. There can be social connections between new employees and old employees called mentor-mentee relationships.

Virtual conferencing for onboarding

It’s important to understand that onboarding makes an employee comfortable with the new office environment. The new employees should be able to talk physically with others. Conference calls are not a replacement for face-to-face interaction. The employees will also feel disconnected once they can’t be in touch with their seniors. So, make sure that instead of conference calls, virtual conferencing is used for the employee onboarding process. There are many ways of this virtual onboarding like Zoom lunches etc.

The employee onboarding process includes giving employees a briefing about the company’s products, and some information about the company. The employees should also get to know about the department chosen for them and the structure of the company in general. They should also be given information about the leaders of the company.

This is how companies can wade through the employee onboarding process in times of Covid-19.


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