social media in education

Influence of social media on education

Due to technological changes, there have been many changes in education. There has been a need felt for innovation due to the global pandemic. The learning management systems have become an important part of education now and there is no need for pen and pencil anymore.

There is now the use of social media apps in education such as TikTok and Instagram.

Teachers are getting new chances through these tools of innovation. There has been a 17 seconds mathematical video prepared for students by a middle school teacher for Math in Texas, USA.

The video has grabbed a lot of views, including 1.5 million. This is an astounding figure showing how video content can engage the audience. There was no narration in the background, instead musical audio was used. Virtual K12 Education can be used for providing education in an interesting way to students. The use of social media allows students to get instant gratification. They are able to study through engaging content. However, teachers need to upgrade their skill set for able to use the virtual learning correctly.

Facebook updates

Facebook can be used to provide information to students. This information can be in the form of status updates. This is how students get to know when something important to happen. The teacher can create a Facebook page for a certain class and a section. The teacher can also post assignments of homework. If the students have any confusion about the homework, they can reach out to the teacher through comments.

Facebook groups

The teachers can also use Facebook groups to make sure that students are able to access live lectures. The teachers have to ensure that certain limits are respected when these groups are set up. The teachers should be the administrator of these groups. Apart from that, the teachers should not send friendship requests to students. When the teacher is admin of the group, they can check what students are posting to the group. The parents apart from students should also have an email link to the Facebook group.


Twitter can also be used as a discussion board. Since tweets can’t be of more than 280 characters length, the students need to think before posting one. It will encourage them to think concisely. These tweets can contain reminders for dates of assignments. They can also have inspirational quotes. The teachers can create quizzes in Google Forms and then post their link on Twitter. Teachers can initiate chats around special tags and get the opinion of students.


The students can post snaps related to a course so that teachers can see them. Instagram makes sure students can practice storytelling. The students can also post screenshots on their Instagram accounts regarding any specific problem faced by them while doing any practical homework related to computers.

WordPress blogs

The students can also submit written assignments through a blog. The students can do their homework and post its link on the WordPress blog. They can also post their answer in a comment on such blog. The teachers can create accounts for students on these blogs.

This is how social media can be used in today’s times for teaching students.

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