chatbots in businesses

Bots :New forms of business technology

The businesses are reaching new heights these days. Due to the expanding customer base companies are adopting new technologies. Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of digital marketing to ensure that infrastructure costs are cut down. In simple words, businesses want to carve a niche for themselves and artificial intelligence is helping them do that. Bots based on AI can provide customised customer experiences. Hiring human customer service representatives and providing them with enabling infrastructure to answer customer queries is a bygone nowadays.

Instead, chatbots have taken their place and provide a cheaper solution.

Bots take the responsibility of doing human jobs and provide unique customer experiences. Now, what are chatbots? Bots or Chatbots are integrated into chat messengers and ensure that the customers get a response on time when no humans are present to answer them online. They can also be present in LMSs to make sure that the learner queries are answered on time. They are like digital assistants that help in wading through the elearning course easy for the learner. Bots are also used when you need a ride home and use a smartphone to get the correct answer. Google Alexa also uses artificial intelligence to provide information to you based on voice instructions.

Bots use Artificial Intelligence to understand and find an answer to customer queries. There are many sectors which are using chatbots now. These sectors are aviation, travel, banking and healthcare. With chatbots ready to answer queries, humans get the answer they need through a bot. They act on that information and this is how companies benefit with a timely response.

The chatbots make a job a lot easier for companies. These software answer the questions posted on chat messengers very quickly than human beings. Chatbots, since they are based on artificial learning, have faster-grasping capability and hence answer questions better than customer care executives. 

ELearning: There are many sectors in which the chatbots are employedBots are not only used in chat messengers. They can also be used in learning environments which ensure that the learners can get clear and concise instructions throughout the program. Bots are dealing with so many learners regularly and hence know how to answer which question.

Data analytics: Artificial intelligence can also make sure that there is a use of data analytics in elearning. This implies that through the use of this technology, the results of training can be there in front of you. Its because AI already predicts customer learning based on their behaviour and handling of the learning module. Since bots are based on artificial intelligence and can store information about learning behaviour, they can let organisations know which part of the module needs change.
The bots can also be used for interaction with peers, which implies that there is a higher collaboration between employees. This is when bots chat on behalf of human beings when they are not present on their seat.

How do bots understand human beings?
Bots understand human beings because they are based on artificial intelligence. Let’s understand how they learn so much about human behaviour:

Capability to learn
Chatbots try to understand who they are dealing with. For this purpose, chatbots pose questions from humans to learn about them. They also don’t have to ask the same questions every time from the learner. Its because they have machine learning which lets them store information from the learner. They also get hints from behaviour patterns of the learner.

Understanding the situation
Understanding what is the situation for which humans are being trained in important. The bots also check various variables which are part of the training such as time, tone of talking. This way, bots can understand what the human learner is talking about and hence respond accordingly.
The response from bots will improve more in the future and will be more humanised. This is when they will start using images in the chat for better human experiences.

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