LMS and social media

How to integrate LMS with social media?

These days, an LMS has become an important tool for learning.

It’s true that social media can be integrated with the LMS to provide a better experience to the learners.

Depending on your LMS vendor there can be many features provided to you. Some of the organisations make sure that the LMS is open, that it can be accessed through Facebook. The companies should however be cautious while using social media with LMS. 

Integrate with Facebook
There can be discussion threads on Facebook. The learners can participate in such discussions through their LMS login credentials. This way, an instructor can get to know how much the learners have learned. The learners can post their experiences learned after training. The discussion can be there both before and after the program. The instructor can also control the discussion so that nothing posted is inappropriate. 

Integrate with blogs 
Blogs serve the same purpose as a discussion thread. However, a blog can make sure that learners add their comments. You can write an article about the course on the blog and make sure learners go through it. Then, they can log onto the blog through their LMS credentials. After logging in, they can post their comments on the blog. This will provide pre-course and post-course feedback. After the learners have posted their comments on the blog, the instructor or the course author gets an idea about where the course is lacking. He knows how he can improve the course. He learns about issues that are a part of the workplace and those that are missing in training.
After a course has been downloaded from the LMS, whatever the learners have learnt, there can be an online talk about it. This collaboration among learners and instructors is important so that there is interaction about the project. 

Integrate with a chat messenger 
A question-and-answer discussion is also great for the elearning company. There are quick reference guides that can be integrated with the LMS to provide training to employees. However, there should be a chat messenger so that you get answers to questions. This also makes sure that the learners get important information. It could be that the trainers might not have seen some lack of information in the elearning course. So, make sure that the LMS vendor has integrated chat messengers and discussion boards.
Make sure that there is a pilot program so that there is a proper check of the discussion board, social media and chat messengers. Once you get the approval of such features from the sample learners, you can introduce it to the company. Make sure some features might not be accepted by learners.
This is how you can integrate social media with LMS.

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