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How to have a virtual Christmas party during 2020?

2020 is soon going to be over and now it is time for the festive season to begin. This year has been a dull year with most of the employees working from home.
Now, these are the festive ideas for the companies to make sure that their employees have maximum fun during this holiday season. 

The employers can organise virtual music parties on Zoom so that employees don’t miss out on any kind of fun:

Music trivia
This is an excellent option for a virtual event. Connect everyone through a zoom call and make sure that you are playing a song. You can lipsync the song. Remember that everyone’s audio is muted. Someone who guesses the correct song first gets to take a prize. But how to deliver the prize. You can make sure gift cards are delivered to the winning employee at home. There are also egift cards which are of so much use during virtual shopping. Sites like Amazon have these egift cards. You can add any of the amounts between Rs 500-Rs 2,500 to these cards and have them delivered through email.
Send food
You can also send food items to your employees.

They can eat such items during the Christmas feast at home.

You can search for these food items on any food site. Examples of such food items are cheese sticks, chicken wings etc. Make sure that these items are delivered fresh to the employees. You can even send pizzas to employees because there are so many pizza sites. You can also send beverages to employees. They can store them in the fridge till the Christmas feast.
Company logo gifts 
Company logo gifts are also important. Moreover, they serve as a token of remembrance for every future Christmas celebration. For example, you can send the items such as hoodies which have Merry Christmas printed on the back and the company logo and employee name printed on the front. You should put some thought into these Christmas gifts before you send them to the employees because otherwise, they can be a waste of time. The employees are likely to put them away rather than using them.
Address employees 
It’s important to address employees on Christmas eve. You can talk about their achievements on a Skype call. When someone hears that everyone else is clapping for them during a call, they feel pride in what they have done. You can also make sure that the family attends such virtual calls. Make sure every employee is present during such calls. That’s why the timing of such calls is very important.
Winter cocktail party 
It’s also an important game during the Christmas holidays. You can play this game by asking all your employees to get beverages with or without alcohol. Then, you can ask them to make mocktails or cocktails out of the same. During the holiday video call, the employees can display whatever cocktail or mocktail they have prepared. The duration of this video call can be 90 minutes, so every employee can get upto 2-3 minutes to show how to prepare their drink.
Hence, these are some great ideas for a virtual Christmas party. 

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