cloud based authoring tools

What are the advantages of an authoring tool hosted on cloud?

Having cloud-based authoring tools is important for elearning companies these days.

Cloud computing makes sure computers are available to users without directly managing them. These computers provide computing power and data storage to users. Now, authoring tools which can store elearning content on the cloud are used. There are the following benefits of using authoring tools which use the cloud:

High security
There is a lot of security in using an authoring tool which stores the content on the cloud and can be accessed through the internet. The data gets a backup online. So, even if your computer suffers a crash, you can get the data from the cloud. Since the data is stored on the internet, your computer does not need to have massive hard drives to store the data. Just think of it as storing the data on Facebook like images unlike storing it on computers which can be affected by a virus. 

Time is very important for an elearning company. A company should indeed be able to create good content for the clients as and when they need them. Any MNC company which has workers working in different locations will need benefit from an authoring tool which can provide access to elearning over the cloud. This way, workers in different countries can access this course with ease. This will make sure workers get access to it in a short period. It takes a lot of time when MNC employees in different locations have to send files to each other. Instead, when the course is stored online, they don’t need to contact each other for files.

Easy work
Creating elearning content is also easy when the content is stored on the cloud. It’s because the team might be working from different locations. So, the team members can easily collaborate because everything is accessible through the internet.
All the course content is stored on the cloud which means every team member can check the course and provide feedback irrespective of their location. 

All learners can access it
Courses that are stored on the cloud can be accessed by learners from any part of the world. They can also be accessed by authors from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection to be able to access such content.

Simple installation

It’s also easy to work on e-learning software when it’s hosted on the cloud. There is no need for the installation of the software on the individual device of every team member in an eLearning company. Apart from that, as far as security is concerned, team members can be given login credentials so that they access the software and the course. Team members find it troublesome when they are sitting on their laptops to work and the software asks them to wait for some updates. This does not happen with software that is hosted on the cloud. 

Easy storage of video content
It’s easy to store video content on a cloud-based server rather than on desktop. When you are using video content in your elearning module, it’s better to use a server for hosting such content. Using such content is necessary to ensure that the learners are interested in the course. An authoring tool stored on the desktop cannot store video content unlike an authoring tool stored on the cloud. 

Simple permissions 
There are also multiple permissions which need to be granted in case the authoring software is installed on different PCs. This is not the case with an authoring tool which is installed on the cloud. It’s installed on the server. Once you create admin credentials, an admin can make sure who in the elearning company is permitted to access the authoring tool on the server. Even permission to use particular features of this tool can be restricted.
So, this is how a cloud-based authoring tool can be helpful for an elearning company.

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