how to make online learning more effective

Tips for designing an effective online learning course

Online learning has become a major goal for every company.

Organizations have become quite cautious about the quality of the online learning delivered by them. There are many factors which decide how good is online learning delivered by companies. You can note down the following factors which are important for online training:

    • Team up with an elearning solutions provider– You should collaborate with an elearning solutions provider whose LMS you are able to trust. If you are going to use a new LMS, make sure that trials have been done on it. This LMS will be used by employees to log in and then view the content. Hence it has to be perfect.


    • You can get content online-Sometimes, companies don’t have elearning solutions provider. Then, in that case, they can get the content available online. This is good for saving costs. You can use this content along with your own content created by a content writer to cover some of your learning objectives.


    • Staff support– Although Captivate and Storyline are powerful tools, an organization must have the budget to use them. If it does not have the budget, then there are other alternatives available. These alternatives are Nearpod, Powtoon and Thinglink. These tools are available free of cost. You can also get the license for authoring tools for creating the main learning objectives.

There is a need for staff support to be able to use these content authoring tools. The choice of such tools depends on the regularity in the interactivities like drop-downs and scenarios created by you. Also, the activities that you desire in an online learning course must be supported by such a tool. Then, the IT person won’t have to work on many tools.

    • Knowledge about the tools-Although the employees can be allowed to use tools, they already know, this can result in the creation of poor quality content not effective for learning and training. The aim of an organization should be to use content authoring tools that meet their requirements for reliable training materials.


    • Branding is also important– Branding is important in the distance learning strategy of the company. This can only get the desired participation from employees. The employees when they see the brand in the online training material feel joyous and know that the material will meet their learning objectives. The branding in the online content should be the same as the branding used in your website.


    • Deciding about the activities in online learning– It’s important to check whether the online activities are in sync with the profile of the learners. You have to check beforehand whether the learners are low level or high level. For example, branching scenarios can’t be used for low-level learners. Hence for these learners, there should be video clips and then questions which will engage them. Bloom’s taxonomy can be used to create questions and interactivities for the learners.  As per the levels of this taxonomy, which are knowledge, understanding, applying, analyzing, creating and evaluating, learners can be divided into different groups.


    • Existing online resources-You will need to decide what is the worth of existing online resources. These resources are there on the intranet of the office. They are pdf files. So, whether you need to redesign them for the purpose of online learning or they can be used as it is, depends on your learning goals


  • Ease of access-There are some other requirements of a course about which you must be clear. They are what should be the word limit on a page, how one will browse through the course, the language, whether it should be English or the native language, the style of writing, and size of text and colours etc. The styles of headings also matter a lot for the learner.

So, these are the few objectives for organizations that want online learning courses.

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