bite sized learning

How to create bite sized learning?

The companies are trying to provide their employees with easy-to-access content. This is because such content can be viewed easily and retained by them.

But when you have to impart bite sized training to employees, you have to make sure, which content needs to be included or not.

Bite sized training which contains 5-7 minutes modules is different from traditional learning which is half an hour in duration. This kind of training has become popular because of the increase in the use of mobiles for learning purposes.
There has to be a lot of diligence and talks with the elearning team to make sure that the content is effective. The employees benefit from bite sized learning because they don’t have to devote a lot of time to it.
Bite sized learning is content on one topic only. Such content must have one learning objective only. The information to attain that learning objective must be included in the short module.
It’s tough to create a 5-minute module from a content consisting of 10 pages. So, you need to have communication with your elearning team about which content needs to be included. This kind of communication is critical to ensure that important information is a part of such content.

The main point to be kept in mind while condensing the content is to see what your learning objectives are. Then you need to organise your content in such a way that it’s sensible to the learning objective. So, once your learning objectives are decided, you can understand how many microlearning modules will be there. The information to be included in each module is also decided so that employees don’t get flooded with information:

  • It’s important to understand whether a learning objective can be condensed into a bite of 5 minutes
  • Also, can the content be divided into small pieces while all the learning objectives are taken care of

The elearning designers have to take care of the training tools also. They need to decide on such tools based on the design strategy. This strategy consists of infographics and FAQs. The inclusion of all these things in the elearning course will decide the authoring tool to be used.
The bite learning modules
Each module is of a lesser duration. It is only 5-7 minutes in length. So, it’s important to understand what should be the content included in the module.
Syncing content
It’s important to sync content with the learning needs. Since the length of the module can’t be more than 5-7 minutes, the content can include a FAQ checklist. Apart from that, it can also include a process checklist i.e. how to carry out a process.
Using various kinds of learning
Learning activities can ensure that you can engage the audience with the course. These include scenario-based learning and games which ensure that the audience can put to use what they have learnt. This is useful for them to remember what they have learnt.
These kinds of activities are crucial when you have hired new talent for the company and need to make them acquainted with company practices.
You can use tools such as infographics and introductory videos to ensure that they are put in into the company culture is important for their onboarding. Since this information is shown in short modules of 5-7 minutes, it does not overwhelm the employees.
This is how a company can design bite sized modules.

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