Staff augmentation

What is staff augmentation and what are its benefits?

Staff augmentation is a great strategy to increase the workforce.

It consists of outsourcing project to a remote/nonremote team temporarily. Due to Corona, companies have had to layoff staff and cut their budget.

Hence, the method of staff augmentation implies that you can reduce the stress of the extra workload. Since you are hiring team for a limited time, you are saved from the hassles of getting permanent employees. But since the team in staff augmentation has been hired after proper interviews, they yield the best results. It also reduces the workload on your current team. There are a large number of benefits of this kind of hiring process. These benefits are as follows:

  • When you don’t have a high budget: Since staff augmentation hires workers temporarily, it makes sure budgets are not increased.
  • Get specialised workers: Although most of the workers would not agree to work temporarily if searched properly, staff augmentation makes sure that you get expert Learning and Development professionals for a brief time. There has been a constant change happening in the domain of learning and development. So, hiring specialised professionals with staff augmentation makes sure that you are in sync with the present industry strengths.
  • It can keep other employees motivated: Since hiring a worker for a brief period ensures that the work environment stays fresh, it can add a new zest into the current team. Since the workers are hired for a brief period, there can be better communication between the existing team members and new team member.

While staff augmentation is a great way for you to handle staff shortage situations, there can be few steps taken by you to ensure that staff is hired and goes easily. For this, whosoever must be the recruiter chosen by you must know what kind of work will be done by new resource. He should be aware of the required skills. You can tell about your requirements to internal HR and Learning and development firms.
These are the steps to find a proper resource through the staff augmentation process:

  • To create a job description: You should expend some time with the consultant and make him/her clear about the particular skills required. Make sure that someone from the L&D team can prepare a job description.
  • Don’t look for a know-it-all consultant: Its true that anyone consultant will know all the Learning and development competencies. It’s true that if you have a precise job description, you can hand it over to the consultant. A team member who is hired for a limited time will be given extra work of all the team members. This will save him from monotony and provide extra efficiency to his/her work.
  • Make sure you respond on time: Its important to see that you respond well in time to any talent your hiring partner has been able to scout. Good talent can be lost if they are not responded to properly.

So, follow these staff augmentation tips and get the resource desired. You can also choose from vendors and staff used by you in the past. You can easily put your trust in these resources because you have worked with them before.






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