employee training

How to plan employee training through elearning?

Employee training is the foremost requirements of companies these days.

When you are thinking about employee training, you can’t let things be the way they are. A plan is needed to provide training to employees. This plan needs to have all the details of training.
First, you need to sort out your development plans. This will let you know about the skills needed in the workforce. Accordingly whatever are the skills gaps require training. So, these are the needs of training. 

Discover the needs of training 
You can discover what are the training needs of your company by talking to managers and clients. This kind of analysis of need-based training is also required when the company is ready for an expansion process. In that case, the employee needs to imbibe some fresh skills.
You can also contact customer service. They will let you know why customers complain. This will let you know where are you lacking in terms of job-related skills. The service processes might also not be in sync with what customers require. Once your training planning is outlined, you can make sure that you can reduce all the mistakes in training. A training plan contains all the proper procedures required in the process. 

Choices of the target audience 
The preferences of the target audience have to be assessed before developing a training course. Such preferences depend on the age and education of the target audience. The younger audience likes to see their training content on the mobile phone.
It’s also important to determine how tough should the course be. For determining the toughness level of the course, you need to conduct some assessments.Educating the employees on how to use the training platform is also quite important because some employees don’t know how to use the digital devices that well. They should be trained so that they don’t lag behind others.
If you plan to have virtual instructor-led training, its important to understand that if the teams are operating from different locations, then it’s tough to gather them at one place.

Set Specific Training Goals
The company needs to be clear about the learning objectives. If you have a clear cut training goal, you can achieve a lot. To get to this training goal, it’s better to set up some learning objectives. These learning objectives help employees attain their training goals. 

How much to spend?
It’s also important to plan the budget for the training. So, depending on the budget only, you can expend your resources on training.
The budget can be tight or relaxed. If the budget is low, then the employees can opt for so many online training courses available online. You can provide them with the course links depending on their training needs.
However, if you have a higher budget then you can get the services of an elearning company. Again, the question is about the expenditure. You can get the course prepared inhouse by someone holding expertise in the domain. Or with more expenditure, you can get the SME and the Instructional designer from an elearning company i.e. outsource the project.

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