Big Data

How can LMS be used in a company to manage Big Data?

Companies are finding it tough to manage Big Data.

However, with new technologies companies can easily analyse this data. They also help to get useful analysis and conclusions from this data. Companies have to integrate the LMS into their businesses to check and review this data. You can also check who in the company has access to which kind of data. You can also control access to data. The LMS makes sure that the training gaps can be recognised based on data gathered through the software.

It recognises what are the training gaps for employees and generates online courses based on such gaps. These LMSs use intelligent algorithms based on the skill profile of a user to recommend courses for him. An LMS can be integrated with all kinds of software in the company. It can collect the data from all these software.
They can be single sign-on applications, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management programs. LMS’s provide instructional content based on the data collected through such programs. 

Due to integration with LMS, you can manage the huge data that is dispersed across various systems. The companies can bring all this data together through an LMS. The company can hence analyse how employees are performing and how is online training going. When the company can analyse the work of employees, they can also analyse whether online training is giving results as it should.

Recognise competencies 
Another reason why you should ensure that the LMS is a part of your systems is that you can recognise hidden talent. For example, if an employee is good in the domain of customer service, then you can deploy him there. However, all this information is given to you via with the LMS in which you can check the CRM records. Thus, you can deploy this resource in the customer service department so that the talents are used effectively. You can also provide them with the elearning courses so that any skill gaps are eliminated. All the information about the performance of employees is revealed when all the sales data is entered into the LMS.

Track progress of employees 
When all the employees enter data into Salesforce, you can get the required information. This includes whether they met their sales targets. The progress of employees in terms of their work can be tracked through such software. Are they able to convert leads into potential sales? Are their communication skills improving? With a salesforce LMS which includes assessments and courses for employees, you can get information about how many employees have completed assessments. This kind of assessment completion is important for their compliance requirements as a salesperson.

Change management of employees 
LMS integration with the software such as salesforce ensures that the reports generated by the LMS get into hands of team leaders. The team leaders get the data from the LMS and then change their management attitude. The leaders are easily able to improve their management skills to get better employee performance. They get the knowledge where the sales team is lacking.

Internal marketing of training materials 
With the help of LMS, automated emails can be sent to the employees and managers. LMS integrations are useful to make sure that the training in the company is done properly. LMS does internal marketing of the training materials. LMS can make sure that the training materials are adjusted properly to get the attention of employees. The LMS decides the training material for the employees and the proper marketing strategies for such material.
Internal marketing through LMS can be done to make sure that employees are well trained. 

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