What are the benefits of Salesforce and LMS integration

What are the benefits of salesforce-LMS integration?

Businesses these days are doing everything within their power to increase sales. But it’s not easy. Making a sale depends on the employee’s skills. They should know how the customer behaves. The salesperson must modify their behaviors to suit those of customers. They should also have proper product knowledge. For this, the salesperson must have access to software like Salesforce. It is an incredibly useful tool for salespersons. They know how a customer reacted to them in the past, was his behavior positive or negative.

This way, when they have a repository of customer experiences, they can take action accordingly. They also know what a certain customer wants and how to deal with him/her. Integrating an LMS with Salesforce is even more beneficial because an LMS acts as a database of learning resources for the salesperson. It can provide them with product knowledge and positive behaviors for a certain customer.

Let’s get to know how the integration of LMS with Salesforce can alter your bottom line.

LMS integration with Salesforce helps in getting sales 
Once you have a CRM software like Salesforce, you derive ample benefits from it. The LMS even amplifies the benefits of owning such software because it tells what are your weak points in terms of customer service. A salesperson needs to understand the customer’s needs. Since the entire behavior of a salesperson and the customer is recorded into the software, he/she gets to know how to behave with the customer to get the intended reaction. He gets to know whether a customer is interested in the sales pitch or not or first you need to listen to his needs. The LMS just gives the knowledge about the right behavior with the customers based on this data.
So, the LMS helps them in lead generation. Based on the customer behavior, as reported by Salesforce, it has Just in Time demos built-in for employees. It also has online tutorials to display to employees. 

Ensure compliance and marketing policies for a product
Many compliance issues are expected from salespersons. For example, they must know how much data they can collect from the customer. Apart from that, they must be aware of the returns policy of the company and how the warranty can be extended. All this information is given to them by the LMS. The salespersons must have all the knowledge about new products. For this purpose, they must watch eLearning tutorials that provide them with the right product data to tell the customers. Customers can be given too much information about the products. They must be made aware of the genuine product benefits because too much fake information is not beneficial for the company. Therefore, salespersons must get information about how to market a product from the LMS.
There are also other benefits of Salesforce-LMS integration. They ensure that the salesperson can be employed in time for the product updates through the LMS.

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