Elearning companies in US

Elearning in the next decade 

The future of elearning is going to change. However, it’s not easy to predict what will happen. However, with the coming of authoring tools, elearning has already changed so much.

Are Elearning companies in US ready for the following changes?

Augmented reality will be the future of elearning 
Almost 10 years back, being in a virtual environment seemed so much impossible. However, thanks to the advent of technologies such as Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset, augmented reality is possible.
Employees will be trained using augmented reality. Employees have their real-world expanded by objects which ensures that their training is better. But employees don’t have to worry about the practical risks while getting trained through augmented reality. There are many objects which can cause problems while real-life training such as machinery and sales terminals.
Therefore, since such objects are replicated in augmented reality through computers, it is ideal for training for onboarding of employees. But this kind of technology is not accessible to many companies today due to costs. The augmented reality headsets are costly. But after a decade from now, there are going to many elearning programs using augmented reality. 

Analysis of Big data 
Big data will be analysed perfectly by organisations in the future. Big data refers to the huge volume of data a company gets daily. The companies will be able to review this data and ensure that the training is based on it. The big data will be used to customise the learning paths of individuals. There will be a search of Big Data tools that will make sure that the companies are easily able to analyse the behaviour of modern learners. The Big data will be checked and it will allow companies to provide training to employees to become important team members. 

LMS platforms will be on the cloud 
LMS platforms will be available on servers available on-demand i.e. the cloud. It will be so that a large number of elearning tools will be hosted in the cloud. This will ensure that learners are easily able to access elearning information. There is a small number of authoring tools that are hosted on the cloud. There will only be a small number of elearning tools that will be on local hosts. The companies want web-based training for their employees which is only possible with servers located in different parts of the world. Employees can reach out to training resources whenever from whichever location they want through such online servers. The limitations of place and time are eliminated through cloud-based servers. 

Mobile learning will expand 
Many people these days are using smartwatches. They want the training material to be accessible to them. This technology will be more advanced in the future when such technology will be built into clothing. With this, employees will able to access eLearning from anywhere. They can enhance their skills without having to wait. These devices make sure information is available to the employees without any glitches.

The employees will have complete control over the e-learning content i.e.its accessibility and hence it will bring greater satisfaction for them. Creativ Technologies provides the most advanced solutions as one of the Elearning companies in US.

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