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How to change elearning courses to accommodate learners?

E-learning courses tend to lack motivation from their learners after some time.

Why is it so? How should the courses be designed so that this does not happen? How the course can negate all the boredom effects? Sometimes the course does lack the interactivity feature also due to which the course is boring.

It’s quite common to lose motivation in watching a course.

You can make sure that the course is not boring with your efforts. By making sure that the learner experience is tailormade and it’s exactly like the learning environment preferred by them. 

It’s important to include all the following points in an elearning course.

Learner experience and motivations 

Why is the learner studying this course? The learner would answer such questions as he has to take training for the sake of the job. Sometimes such a course is needed for them so that they can be part of a promotion. Throughout the course, you have to focus on the reason why the learners enrolled in the course. If this motive is recalled through the course, the course can be made interesting.

Speed of the learner

How to make sure that the learner experience is tailormade

  • The learners should write down the reasons why are taking up the course. You can include these reasons in emails sent to them to make them remember why they started the course
  • Give a list of motivations to the learner and then include them in blogs and quizzes

The courses have to be designed as per the needs of the learners. Some learners are very motivated and want to cover a lot of content in a brief period. Other learners are also motivated, but can’t find more than 15 minutes in a day. So, you have to check which group of learners are you catering to.

The first kind of learners won’t be happy with 15 minutes of content delivered daily. So, some learners feel motivated if the course is delivered at a fast pace while some learners enjoy interactivity with others. You have to make sure that learners with different learning aspirations are taken care of in your course.

The learner experience can be changed in the following ways:

  • Place learners with different aspirations in a single group. You have to select a speed accordingly. Depending on the speed of the learner, select different schedules. 
  • Gamification can also pose challenges to learners who want to earn some points. They are that kind of learners for whom competition is quite thrilling in an elearning module.

What is the routine of learners? 

It is about building the routine of the learner. Every learner has a routine. Your LMS must send out prompts to learners so that they are reminded about their learning times. It’s important to learn about the timings of the learners so that they can focus on it quite easily without any hindrances. They have to take care of their tasks also.

This is how these various strategies can help learners learn. We are one of the most prominent elearning companies in US providing niche mobile learning, blended learning, and other virtual learning services.