How can elearning companies help in reskilling employees

How can companies reskill their employees?

In today’s world, here is a drastic change in jobs. A lot of jobs have become useless. The Future of Jobs Report given in 2018 by the World Economic Forum has said that by the year 2022, 75 million jobs in the 20 different countries would be replaced. There would be the emergence of 133 million different jobs instead. The emergence of new jobs would be due to different technological developments and businesses adopting new technologies. Examples of some such technologies are artificial intelligence etc. A lot of senior executives have admitted that they have seen skill gaps in the company or are expected to see them in the 5 future years. This clearly implies that employees have to change their skills levels so that they are important for the company. 

It’s important to invest in imparting new skills to employees. Its because if the employees don’t have the important skills, they can’t do their duties on the job. They have to get new skills to be able to do their work. Otherwise, if a company does not train its employees, it will have to replace the employee. This leads to a lot of costs. The company has to spend at least half of the annual salary of an employee to replace him. Therefore, instead of replacing him, a company should train an employee and retain him.

That’s where elearning companies come into the picture. 

Every employee has a certain skill set. But if that role would lose its relevance, then one has to think about whether that employee should be retained. The employee can be retained depending on his performance in the company. If he has shown good performance in the previous job role, then that can be seen to take a favourable decision for him. 

It’s important to select employees that are ideal for reskilling. So, based on his performance you can reskill an employee for a new role. They can be made to get new skills. This is important to keep the company going without changing the workforce. So, you can contact elearning companies to prepare elearning modules for reskilling an employee.

This is how you can choose employees perfect for reskilling: 

Those ready to take initiative 

The employee should be willing to grow in the company. He should also be willing to invest time and energy in his self-improvement. Apart from he should have a zest for reskilling. 

Those who know how to manage their time

Those employees must be chosen for reskilling, while they are still working in their earlier roles. Thus employees need training, but they should not neglect their current job duties. So, time management is extremely essential because it helps employees in managing their current job duties as well. 

The next step is to identify which role suits which employee. Although new roles are decided for employees, there needs to be the best fit among the new roles and the employees. Once the employees have been identified, their reskilling plans can be further decided. So, this is how companies can reskill employees and avoid employee replacement. 


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