Elearning companies provide mobile learning

Mobile learning must be included in Learning and Development platforms

Elearning companies need to include tactics such as mobile learning in their learning strategies.

Mobiles are used for various tasks such as work and play. Mobile technology is now included in everything we do because every mobile has a browser and we use it to get more information. Every learning and development person needs to make sure that the elearning devised by him confirms to the mobile standards.

Mobile learning needs to be integrated into the elearning materials by elearning companies because according to research, millennials now are the biggest portion of the workforce of the US. Pew Research centre has published this research.

What are the learning tendencies of millennial workers?

  • They work in non-conventional ways. They are not present at the desk some of the time.
  • They use the internet to resolve their problems
  • Their attention turns away from work sometimes because they get so much information on their phones.

These are the advantages of mobile learning:
Beneficial for those with low attention span 

The biggest advantage, mobile learning offers the users is that they can access the information on mobiles. The learners have very low attention spans these days and its easier to read information from a mobile phone screen rather than a laptop. They can access information at any time of the day and any place. Content updates can be sent to them. This is useful for sales representatives who need to have the latest information with them all the time to sell products. Any product-related updates can be easily accessed by them before they interact with the customer.

Watch them at an easy pace 

Smartphones are like personal computers because they can also store content. That’s why it’s possible for the viewers to download modules so that they can see them later. They don’t have to wait for the internet connection to be up and running all the time to view the content as it is available.

Mobile learning is also beneficial for learners because they can watch it as they wish. For example, learners may know some of the topics in training and may not wish to sit through the entire module. This is how this problem can be solved. Thats why the course needs to be segregated into small parts which are 5-7 minutes long. So, its easier to watch modules which are 5-7 minutes long. The millennials can easily grasp information by sifting through such small bites of 5-7 minutes.

Various kinds of learning material included 

Each part should be able to cater to a simple learning objective. With microlearning enabled on mobiles, it can be a much better option. So, the learners get the ability to learn they want with their own choice.

Mobile learning can accommodate all kinds of content which are useful for the learners. This kind of content includes infographics, scenarios with animated characters with dialogues and games. So, mobile learning provides an ideal platform for elearning companies.


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