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Elearning companies in India create qualitative assessments

Elearning includes proper assessment for the learners. It’s important to check how the learners are faring, otherwise you won’t be able to track their progress.

Elearning companies in India are also designing qualitative assessments for learners to understand their performance better.

A conventional elearning assessment wants to know whether the learner can answer certain questions. Based on his answers, he is given scores. However, qualitative learning assessment is different and hence it focuses on where the learner is in terms of his learning journey. This kind of assessment helps in knowing the skill gaps of the learner. This is how you can create individualistic learning experiences. There are the following kinds of qualitative learning assessments:


Simulations are important for learners. They put you in a practical world without involving any kind of risk. Hence, the learners could be tested through simulations. They could be asked to put the hotspot on a certain button, which is a part of a procedure. When they can choose the right option, their productivity gets improved. They can improve their performance without getting tested on real tools. 

Discussions through online groups 

Make sure online learners talk to each other, you can ask them for information. You can put in more training modules to increase the knowledge of the learners. This is required when the learners are not giving any answers. Social media groups can also be used for this purpose. These groups check how well learners have understood everything. They can discuss things on these groups, and you can check their level of understanding. You can put forth a question and see whether they can answer it or not. You can even give hints and see whether they include them in the answers. 

Explanatory questions 

An open-ended question can be asked from an online learner. This may include them to explain a concept. If their explanation is not so good, something is lacking in their learning. This way, they can check their understanding of the concept. For example, they may have a wrong understanding of a notion which has affected their personal growth for long.

But these precautions have to be followed while adding qualitative assessments:

  • The assessment should be apt :

This way you can check the learners’ understanding. It should not be too difficult so that nobody can answer it. It should also not be so easy that learners are not able to recognize where they are wrong. 

  • Adding simulations wrongly 

You should make sure that the elearning assessment matches the content. For example, a simulation does not make any sense if the content has a lot of theory in it. The learner might not have been taught any content related to the theory in the module. 

Evaluation criteria

The elearning author should also be able to measure the results of the elearning assessment. This is important for explanatory questions. There should be an evaluation criterion. It should coincide with the learning criteria of the organization. There are some learning objectives of the organization before it designs the elearning module. Gaps in skills could be one of the evaluation criteria also. 

This is how can you design qualitative assessments. 

Make sure you choose one of such elearning companies in India which designs qualitative assessments.

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