elearning companies help in blended learning

How can blended learning be used to take care of all kinds of learners?

Elearning companies are coming up with new approaches to train the client.

One of them is blended learning. As the name suggests, it is not restricted to one delivery method but combines many methods. It’s because there can’t be one training method for all kinds of training needs.
These are the following approaches used to training in blended learning:

Classroom: In this kind of training methodology, there is a classroom. Hence, the teacher and the student, both are present for instructions to be imparted. The students listen to the teacher and vice versa. 

Training on the job: This kind of training happens in the environment of the job. The employees are shown how to use machines and software on PCs. 

Mentoring: This is a kind of training where one person who has some experience in a field teaches others how to be successful. These mentoring programs can be created as per the needs of the mentee. 

There can be asynchronous training methods also, where the training content is stored and taken by the learner whenever he has time. 

Video lessons: This is one of the most effective training techniques. It includes short videos which are of 5-7 minutes in length. Most of the videos contain a quiz at the end of the video. 

Courses containing videos: This is a long course where many videos are used. At the end of the course, there is a quiz on which the user is graded. This method is useful for tough topics but requires devotion of some time from the learner. 

Videos containing interaction: These kinds of videos contain several quizzes throughout the videos. Hence the learner is engaged throughout the videos session and can answer MCQ questions, polls and links for extra information. 

Online Classrooms: Classrooms can be held online where the learner and student interact with each other through screens and whiteboards. However, students can be tracked whether they are attending the class through their webcams. They can also be tracked for their performance on the LMS. 

Blended learning makes sure that a company can get the return on the investment required by it. 

Advantages of blended learning 


Elearning companies are making sure that blended learning is quite interesting and meets each worker’s needs. When a combination of both asynchronous and synchronous training methods can be used, it can be quite entertaining for the user. 

Takes care of all employees 

Blended learning is suitable for all kinds of employees. Its because they can be at home, and watch videos. When they are in office, they can be part of on the job training. When they are in the field, courses containing videos can be made for them so that they can watch them later. So, blended learning is suitable for all kinds of learners. 

Blended learning also makes sure that organisations can analyse the impact of their training efforts. Since blended learning can be both LMS based and delivered in person, it’s easy to manage attendance etc. 

Elearning companies can help you deliver this kind of training.

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