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When to give badges to employees in games?

Companies need to train their employees so that they don’t need new ones. Employees need training so that they can do their tasks effectively. This is true of front end staff. But every employee has a different skillset and calibre. So, training needs to be different for all employees depending upon the policies and compliance for employees. 

But what are the ways through which they can do this? Elearning companies can be of considerable help to companies in training their employees. But first, the companies need to find out what are the training needs of employees i.e. what they need to be trained for.

Badges offer a lot of advantages in games.

When an employee gets a badge, he knows he has accomplished something. They can brag about them to their co-workers. But companies must know how to include badges in elearning modules and how to give them otherwise also. This article lists some ways:

Give badges to those who complete the maximum certifications 

You can give the best performers in a module a badge. For example, an employee who has earned some certifications. This should be a specific number of certifications. For example, for every 5 certifications, an employee should get a badge. But you must make sure that employees should get such badges for completing tough courses. If they complete easy courses even if they are 5 in number, they can’t get a badge. 

Reward employees who answer a question in a forum 

Social media is also important to the progress of a company. For example, badges should be given to employees who engage in discussions with coworkers. For example, an employee who shares the most useful information in the discussion should get a badge. He is sharing helpful information with the employees. Sometimes, on social forums, employees post useful questions which concern them. In that case, an employee who answers the maximum number of such questions can get a badge.

Acknowledge the team leaders for their contribution 

Some employees have leadership skills and they can easily manage a team. Managing a team is not such an easy task because so many skills are needed for it. The leaders need to communicate well with team members and make sure everyone contributes the best while working ina team. But the company needs to get the feedback of employees about what they think about the team leader. Such feedback is important before you give the badge to a team leader. The team leader must have led the team by example. 

Acknowledge those employees who are learning new skills

The employees must be rewarded who are performing well. These are the employees who are short on skill and are struggling to perform should also get badges. 

Those employees should be acknowledged through badges who are improving and can progress even more. For example, an employee who got low scores in an earlier exam but received high scores in a final exam. 

Give recognition to employees who have perfect attendance

In school, students are rewarded when they have perfect attendance. These students were never absent even for a single day. So, badges can be given to those who participated every day in the online training course. It takes effort on the part of an employee to learn a course devoting time every day from his daily schedule. Apart from online training sessions. Employees should also be rewarded when they are learning through social activities. Any kind of learning activities of employees should be rewarded. 

This is how badges can be awarded in elearning games. Badges can also be decided based on the performance of an employee in other activities other than elearning. 




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