How to change from offline to online learning?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became reality employees have been working from home. By the time, this pandemic gets over, employees would be working from home for two years. It’s because many companies plan to open their office in the latter half of 2021. Now, the companies have to check how the employees are performing work from home. Companies have to help employees maintain their work-life balance.

Every company is focusing on having better elearning in the company. The companies are now moving away from instructor-led training. They are adapting virtual instructor-led training.

But eLearning comes with its challenges which are as follows:

  1. Importance of the design of learning: The design of the learning must not be ignored. The basis of training modules should be the audience and not the content. This is one of the most basic details of the eLearning design. Only a good learning design can force the audience to learn things properly.

  3. Use technologies that you already have: Tools are readily available to you. There are many technologies that Elearning vendors can use to provide better learning solutions to their clients. For example, there are platforms such as Teams and YouTube already available. They can be used to provide training to users. There is also software such as Camtasia which can allow you to create LMS-based content. These tools must be used carefully by an organization to succeed in the eLearning domain.

  5. Elearning gives a lot of freedom: Elearning makes sure that employees can learn at times when it’s convenient for them. The learners can make sure that they can reach out to the content anytime they like. Also, eLearning can include many options such as video and gamification due to which such content is quite interesting for users.

  7. More analytics: Elearning makes sure that you can detect the user’s progress. You can take care of assessments and how the users are faring on them. You can also be sure to improve training methods if the learners are not able to perform as per expectations. You can track the effectiveness of your training methods by checking the performance of learners on assessments.

You have to move from traditional training methods to virtual methods due to Covid-19. This will enable you to train those employees who are working from home since it’s important to get the most output from such employees.



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