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How can elearning companies report learning analytics?

Elearning companies need to know how they should talk to a business about learning and development(L&D) data.

Data regarding L& D has really become important for companies. The businesses need to know what their employees think of their training material. 

Learning analytics is known as the collection and evaluation of data related to learning activities. It’s important to measure such data to know how learning activities are performing in the organisation.

What businesses do about learning analytics?

Elearning companies offer data about the learning activities of an organisation. Such companies can let you know what are the uses of such data and based on that, how to create your learning paths. The learning analytics report what happened after an elearning company gave some training material to the business to present to its employees. 

It’s important to understand how an organisation will use learning analytics. All this data is a part of the meetings. The frequency of these meetings can vary from organisation to organisation. This depends on the scale and ownership in organisations. But these analytics are reported in business meetings either after a year, quarter or a month. The bigger companies discuss these data analytics quite frequently. 

Critical data should be presented to the business 

The data can be critical to business but some of the data might not be so critical. The business leaders are often more interested in data which is more critical to businesses and consists of more opportunities. The data of finance is more important to companies. Then, the marketing data is important which is followed by sales data. HR provides data related to training also. However, the data from learning analytics is so large, that the revelation of this data has to be short in time. The data which has to be presented before business leaders, has to be exceptional. For example, this kind of data can be an upsurge in sales in one region. So, this has a lot of implications of business leaders where are going right in terms of training to get a surge in sales. 

Businesses are not keen to know about the results of the training program. 

Businesses want data they can act upon 

The business wants to know whether learning has been successful or not. They also need to have information about working metrics. This implies that the return on investment is important. They want to know how this metric has been influenced by the training given to employees. 

Although data about how many employees attended the training event is important to an organisation, it wants to know how it can do something about such data. Training data about employees is only useful that businesses can take some action related to it.

Learning and development should know how to reveal results 

Learning and development must know how to reveal the bad results which have to be revealed importantly. 

Elearning companies need businesses to realise their importance by using learning analytics. The elearning companies have to work hard to make sure that a learning organisation which has all the skills to operate in a volatile and changing environment. 


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