elearning companies help in saving time

How to save time in learning! Get help from elearning companies 

Employees often have complaints about the time spent on training. If the training involves travelling of employees to a certain place, then the time involved can be much more. So, how can companies reduce training time and making sure the quality of training is not affected? 

You can make sure that the training content is created effectively.

It can be done when some of the training content is given out to one of the external elearning companies.

The internal team can focus on the processes and benefits which are internal to your company. 

As far as internal training is concerned, the employees can be given training about how to use safety devices. This is important so that the employees know how to deal with such devices in case there is a mishappening in the office. They also need to be made aware of the emergency procedures in case of a fire or an earthquake. The employees can also be informed about emergency exits of the company in case such a situation arises. 

How can external elearning companies help?

  • Employees can also be encouraged to use team management software such as Teamwork. Teamwork could be used by employees who work from different locations to collaborate on a single project. You can create training videos and upload it on this software for all employees to be able to access it easily. 
  • You can get courses created for such needs of employees which include how to do sales calls etc. This can be done with the help of elearning companies. 

Include videos in training

Including elearning videos is important because that way employees are not bored with training. It also does not get monotonous for the trainer because they don’t have to repeat the same training. That’s why videos help trainers to convey their messages quite easily. These kinds of videos are useful for the employee onboarding processes etc. Also, employees can show such videos to their family members. This makes sure that their family members also get acquainted with the company norms. Such videos can be instructional videos also helping employees learn about how to fill the forms for health benefits etc. 

There are many benefits of video-based training which are as follows:

Same content in videos: A trainer might deliver his training every time in a different way. He can quote different examples etc. But this is not the case with the video. It is the same every time an employee sees it. 

Everyone can access it: Everyone can access the video irrespective of their time zones. This means people don’t have to wait for anything. In the case of offline training, employees might have to wait for the trainer to arrive at the training location. 

Use microlearning in videos: Since microlearning consists of small videos, employees can watch them whenever they get time. The learners can watch the course whenever they get time. There can be a scheduled deadline for them to complete the course. But it is easy for them to complete the course because such videos are small in size. 

Use mobile-based learning: Mobiles and tablets are the most essential devices used these days. Mobile-based training can cut the time needed to go to a different place to get the training. 

Use of Blended learning in elearning: This kind of learning can be quite useful. Employees can already be alloted elearning videos which they must watch before coming to class. Since they have already watched the video, they know what the instructor is going to teach. The time in the classroom can then be spent on sharing knowledge about real-life events related to the videos. 

So, this is how elearning companies can make sure learning is done more effectively. 



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