Why to change leadership styles for different employees?

The companies have been adopting a lot of leadership styles.

There are different personality types in the world. So, they define the leadership styles also. The companies don’t want the employee performance to be different because of the varying leadership style that they have been put under. It’s better that the employees perform the same irrespective of the leadership style. Thats why companies need to impart leadership development behaviour so that certain behaviours of leaders are changed.

The biggest and the most favourable result of leadership training is to have to make sure that the employees yield favourable results. Apart from that, when employees have good leaders, their work is geared towards the growth of the company.

Leadership training can be given across all management levels, including frontline managers, senior leaders and middle-level managers.

What are the different leadership styles?

Talking about leadership styles, there are varied kinds of leadership styles. Some of the leaders are in continuous consultation with their teams, which implies that they receive input on what should be the further steps. They also guide the team giving them help and feedback about the smallest of details. Leaders who have charisma use their enthusiasm to motivate others to handle the project and goals of performance as their own values. Different leaders have different ways to motivate the team. Some of them guide the team, whereas some others canvass the team to do what they need. Some of the leaders have a different motivation style and they make sure that the teams work at a pace which suits them.

Every employee needs a different leadership style

It’s true that the same leadership styles don’t work for all kinds of employees. The leadership styles have to be adapted for different employees. The leaders should base their approach on where the employees are in terms of their careers. For example, if the employee is inexperienced, he needs more guidance. But with experienced employees, an environment has to be provided to them with higher independence. This is because they already know how to face challenges.

Impact of different leadership styles

Agreed, that leaders can’t be the same, the goal before every leader is clear i.e an improvement in the performance of the employee. Leaders must make sure that the employees have the same performance despite difficulties so that there is stability in the company. For this leaders have to keep on motivating employees.

Although leadership styles can be different leadership goals should not be different to make sure that the employees don’t change their performance under the impact of different leaders.

Consistency between leaders is important. Leaders can be individualistic but they should not lose their consistency.

Being individualistic implies leaders should have different kinds of personalities. Such kind of variation in a leader’s behaviour is important to deal with various kinds of audiences.

A leadership training program can ensure that the leaders can perform in alignment with the organisation’s goals. With a leadership program, you can ensure that the competencies and behaviours of leaders are built so that leaders are in sync with each other.


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