How can learning analytics be gathered in an organisation?

The learning and development professionals in a company sometimes feel they have very fewer data. So, they are quite less confident about the data they have with them. However, it’s not easy to collect data about learning. In marketing, you can easily collect the data when someone clicks on the buy button. But it is not so in learning. Learning is also a hard thing in today’s time when people don’t have much time in their lives to learn. Since data about learning can’t be collected easily, it’s tough to attribute an employee’s improved performance to learning rather than the incentives received by him. This is why diagnosing learning analytics requires a lot of studies. 

Firstly, the learning data has to be collected based on some goals. 

Start to gather data 

There is often a lack of data in learning. This is because the client never wants any data to know whether learning has affected performance. The learning department is also not willing to provide such data. But you should stop this practice from happening in your organisation. It’s because everything will become irrelevant in an organisation once such a thing happens. 

So, make sure you are ready to collect data both about external customers and internal clients on how many times, they accessed the LMS. 

Using only one data source can be wrong 

What kind of data needs to be collected. For example, completion of the course and scores in the test from the LMS is taken. But there can be data found from other sources as well. If you rely on limited data only, you will be easily able to create a link between the source of learning and betterment of performance, but that might not be true. So, instead of relying on just one data source, it’s better to use different data sources. You can hence prove easily that there has been a change and you have more data sources to prove that point. 

Learners might be using resources other than the LMS

The employees don’t need to be only using the LMS to learn. They can also be using other resources. You should access the data available in other parts of the company and learn how to use them in finding information about learning. 

You should remember that employees might just not be using LMS to learn. It’s because their work takes so much time that they don’t get time to access LMS. Learners might be learning through other parts of the organisation about their skill gaps and performance. 

The mentality to not learn 

There is a lot of stress in doing the business. Learning professionals don’t get time to learn. They also have to deal with the challenges of analysing Big Data to collect learning statistics. Therefore, instead of your lack of learning knowledge being thought of as a weakness, it’s better to devote courage to get rid of any such weakness. You must learn new skills related to Big Data

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