continuous improvement in a company

What is continuous improvement and how can companies attain it?

Companies aim to introduce change to increase productivity. But this is easier than it sounds. However, organisations feel afraid of big changes. Sometimes, they also feel difficult to attain it for themselves. If you want to have big changes in the organisation then you need to take the help of project teams. These project teams need to communicate with each other for such big changes to happen. However, organisations should attain small changes to achieve a big change. This can also eradicate some of the hassles caused by bureaucracy in attaining changes. This is where continuous improvement steps in? 

Continuous improvement implies that employees have to find out new ways of doing their jobs and get out of their comfort zones altogether.

This implies a paradigm shift in the way a company functions.

Ask employees 

The businesses can also take the help of employees in introducing changes. It’s because employees are dealing with the business, so you can ask them what are the areas in which you need to make changes. So, although its a great idea what are the sectors which need changes, some great results might not be yielded.

Changes to save time 

You can give them ideas to change the product line or making sure that the profit margin on products is increased. This may not happen. You should ask employees to do what is in their control. Make sure that you tell them about changes that can save 10 minutes every day in their work routine. Then, make sure that they have the authority to do such changes. Initially introduce such time saving for a small number of employees. Then, ask more of such employees to emulate the former kind of employees and learn how to save time. This can lead to a lot of saving time in the organisation. 

Cheap but effective ideas 

Ideas that are generated with the help of employees are quite useful. Employees are aware of the workings of the process so they know that what are the steps which are getting duplicated. These steps cost time and energy for the employees. And these ideas help to save the cost of the resources, so they create a good return on investment. 

Small changes roll into something big 

For an organisation to make it big, it’s not just important to apply small changes and say improvement is happening. The impact of such changes needs to be measured and then it should be applied to areas with problems. Thats why, although the changes happen on a small level, when they take place on a large scale, they do affect an organisation. The small changes turn into something big. 

Elearning teams can also make sure that continuous improvement happens in the organisation, through technology. This way employees can learn on a personalised level because elearning is suited to their needs. 

As Vince Lombardi once said that perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we catch excellence. 

Continuous improvement makes sure that employees feel more engaged with each other to achieve excellence. In this process, employees strive to become more competent. They try to work at a new level surpassing their capacities. More engaged employees are likely to work in an organisation and make sure that they are not changed frequently and hence costs sare saved. 

So, this is how continuous improvement is important to an organisation. 


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