How has Covid-19 changed things globally?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things. It’s true that many companies are finding it tough to train employees in the times of this pandemic. If desktop-based software is used to work on elearning, it’s not so easy to share it with other employees. With authoring tools that are not on the cloud, .mp4 files have to be shared with other employees, all over the world.

Therefore, a cloud-based elearning tool is the best option, when everyone can see the course file on the cloud. 

Access on any system

This pandemic has made many organizations test the waters. The learning and development teams of organizations that were using old technology have to do remote work. But L&D teams which have been using cloud-based elearning tools had a smoother ride. They didn’t have to make sure to allow remote access to their projects through a VPN(Virtual Private Network).

All the companies which were hosting documents and elearning tools on the cloud had a lot of advantage in this regard. Apart from elearning courses, hosting documents on cloud had an advantage because they could be easily shared with other team members. The authors of such documents didn’t waste time sending those files to a remote computer so that they could be accessed by another person. Instead, they could be accessed easily by this remote person because they were on a cloud.

When all the countries moved into a phase of lockdown, it meant that they worked more easily. They could log onto the cloud through the browser and access the file. This was also true for the elearning tool because it was hosted on the cloud and accessed from there easily too. Using this cloud-based tool has also meant safety of the documents, elearning tools and course files.

There were some problems which were faced while working from home. The employees of a company had to work with kids which are prone to spilling liquids on things. So, even if a laptop was somehow covered with a liquid, it didn’t mean any harm for the course file and the elearning software. The organizations which are now on cloud don’t have to be perturbed after what will happen after the pandemic. It’s because after the pandemic such businesses won’t stop using the cloud-based authoring tools and documents. 

A cloud-based tool for all kinds of creators 

There are cloud-based elearning tools that can be easily used by anybody. They can be used easily by programmers, graphic designers and for new beginners. These tools also make sure that the feedback can be given easily by Subject matter Experts. So, all the employees who need to work on the authoring tool when it is cloud-based.

Cloud-based authoring tools can offer various advantages to the users:

  • Various kinds of user interfaces that can be used easily by those who have different kinds of jobs with the cloud-based elearning tool
  • A cloud-based elearning tool allows easy set up of user roles so that access privileges are limited. These roles can be limited to admins, IDs, developers and SME’s who review the course.
  • Widgets are given to the developers in the elearning tool. These widgets can be drag and drop so that novices can easily create custom programming without writing any code.
  • Such elearning software has advanced support so that users can enhance their skills on the tool. There are so many videos available on the internet to use such tools. 
  • The ability to create software simulations that can be easily seen on tablets, mobile phones and PCs. This way, the entire gamut of the audience can be covered with such tools.

But all these cloud-based authoring tools don’t provide the same level of features, so the elearning companies should look for various features when they are searching for such a tool.


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