How to convince senior management to buy an LMS?

Are you looking for LMS investment? Then there can be many problems in terms of concerns of top management.

You could have a tough attitude from the management who will oppose you as to why this investment is needed. Here are some reasons as to why they must oppose this endeavour. The best outcome from getting an LMS is a skilled workforce because they can be taught quite often from it. However, these are some of the reasons given by leaders as to why does a company not need LMS investment and how to counter those objectives.

Budgets are too low to invest in an LMS

The first objection to buying an LMS is that the budgets are not allowing for it. You can counter this argument by telling them that, when you have skilled employees due to an LMS, it accounts for satisfying and rewarding customer experience. This way, the favour of investors can be won towards the LMS.

Also, when you have an LMS, you can report who accessed it at what time and from which part of the world. This accounts for systematic corporate learning. Make sure that the LMS purchased by you provides all these benefits. This way, you can describe the return on investment in simple terms to the senior leaders.

LMS doesn’t increase profits

Another objection that could be raised by the top management against the purchase of an LMS is that it can’t increase the profits. The senior management needs to know how will an LMS provides benefits to customers. However, when you are providing the front end staff with training on time through an LMS, it is an investment in itself. They will get an enhanced knowledge about the brand and its products. It will also increase their communication with managers who are available on discussion forums in LMS. Once they increase their skills, as already mentioned, they can make maximum sales. They please customers with their sales presentations. Apart from that, they are also able to provide better customer experience leading to higher profits.

The executives eager to by an LMS can also present case studies about other companies who received higher sales after implementing an LMS. You can show the rise in sales figures of such companies to provide that LMSs are a necessary solution for your company. Concluding, LMSs can make sure that the productivity of employees improves.

LMS is very costly

This argument can be countered by saying that LMS leads to Effectiveness and Efficiency.


You should tell the senior management about the long term value from an LMS. The employee attrition is reduced due to an LMS. It also makes sure that employees get training in the company.


The LMS investment also makes sure that there are savings of time. It’s better to have online training rather than offline training. When you have offline training i.e. given by a trainer, the teammates have to travel to the place of training. This kind of travel often disrupts the work of the learner. But LMS makes sure that the learners can learn from the vicinity of their office, home or even metro. On the other hand, there is analytics provided by LMS which ensures that there is timely reporting of who watched the modules in the LMS.

This is how L&D executives can convince top brass about getting an LMS.




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