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How to create a perfect elearning design through UXD and LXD?

Elearning companies in the US focus on creating a perfect learning experience for the learners.

Such companies can make sure that the learner can imbibe the most required information from the module. The approach is centric to the needs of the learner. In this experience, the trainer thinks like a learner and creates a course perfect for him. When designing a learning experience design (LXD), influences are also taken from the user experience design(UXD) & instructional design
User experience design(UXD) ensures that the product is designed keeping in mind the usability of the user. This implies different facets like functionality and appearance of the product. When the principles of user experience design are designed, the content and the appearance of the course both have to be taken into consideration. In this case, how does a user can deal with the course will be a part of its UXD?

There is an interdependence between user experience design and learning experience design(LXD). The LXD makes sure that a course is designed which can be viewed by the learner. This should be there whatever might be the operating system on which the course is functional. However, since the course is a product also user experience is also important. There are 5 elements which are important for user experience design as follows:

    • Surface

This is the website design

    • Skeleton 

This includes the information mentioned on the website and how it is navigated.

    • Structure 

This implies a software caters to how the user needs are fulfilled and while the information is concerned, how the content is mentioned on a website.

    • Scope

In the case of the software, it refers to its functional specifications. In the case of a website, it refers to the content included on the website.

    • Strategy 

The aim is to create a strategy that ensures user needs are met.

Based on these facets, how these elements can be used in user interface design?

  • In what way, the course can be shown. This includes visibility of text and other objects including animation.
  • How will users go through the course? This includes the structural map of the course.
  • Can the users see the course on different platforms such as mobile phones and tablets?
  • What learning theories are used in the course?


The user experience design includes how users will view the course based on the colours and fonts of the text used in it. The images of the course also decide the user experience design.

Learning experience design

The digital content is created withc the help of a subject matter expert. There are following steps in the creation of a course:

  • Go through the content
  • Get in touch with a subject matter expert
  • Create the structure of the course
  • Prepare the storyboard
  • Prepare the course

In this entire procedure of preparing a course, a learner’s point of view is not considered. However, an instructional designer decides to include the learner’s point of view too. The subject matter experts include the integration of graphics and technology to accommodate the learner.

However, content created for learners is only considered to be effectual.

Merill’s first principles of instruction can be applied to see that there is an effective LXD. Now, what are these principles? According to these principles, a learner can only imbibe the concept of knowledge when it is given to them in the perspective of a real-life issue. This goal states that the learner should be able to resolve an issue of the real-world.

These principles are:

  • Problem centred: Get knowledge from the perspective of problems in the real world.
  • Activation: Recall whatever knowledge they have
  • Demonstrations:Get a demo of the new knowledge to be acquired by them.
  • Application: Apply the new knowledge to resolve issues
  • Integration: Combine their new knowledge into a practical activity

The learners should be made to recall the existing knowledge when any new concept is provided to them otherwise they feel secluded and unable to learn the new content.A demonstration is also necessary to ensure that the learners can imbibe new concepts. This is how user experience design and learning experience design are used to create an effective course.



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