How has elearning made learning more interesting for students?

Due to Covid-9 distance learning has become popular. It’s possible that schools might not open till the end of 2021. Edtech(educational technology) is all about changing the conventional teaching through books to a digital format. Teaching has become more effective through Edtech.

Elearning is quite helpful for students. Students don’t have to face the monotony of listening to a lecture. Students can also discuss their problems with their friends by joining an online group. Teachers can also get online to solve the queries of students. Since the students have to communicate with teachers and other students, their communication skills have been strengthened. The students are benefiting from the use of technology in education known as EdTech(Educational Technology).

Educational technology is beneficial to teachers as well. They don’t have to attend the class at certain times. The same applies to students as well. They can attend the class whenever they like. It’s true in asynchronous learning. The students since they attend the classes in their spare time have better retention rates. They can make sure that they can apply knowledge to real-life events. Also, digital education is designed in a better way. It’s focused on what students have to learn, i.e. their learning objectives.

Elearning now involves teaching students through slides.

The elearning content can be designed for a better experience for the learners. There are drag and drop interactions for the learner. These are quite useful. The learners also enjoy them. There are also branching scenarios in elearning which ensure that the learners get to choose different options in situations.
Elearning is not just for students, its for corporate employees as well. They can benefit from elearning also when necessary skills are taught to them. The best advantage of elearning is that learners can learn whenever they want. Classroom-based education can seem monotonous and dreary to them.

Elearning courses have many options for students. They include character and text animations. There are also webinars. There can also be whiteboard animation included for the ease of learners and to make them learn entertainingly.

Various developments in Technology 

The students can benefit through the LMS based systems like the Instructure Canvas. It provides a dashboard to the students in which they can see the courses. They can see all the courses they have to study. Each course file uploaded on Canvas includes various activities such as announcements, assignments, and discussions. The teachers can upload assignments on this LMS and students can complete them. Each canvas student account has login credentials. You can also see new recent activities on the dashboard. These activities include assignments and announcements etc.

Google Canvas helps the students learn through screens. The teacher shares the screen with the students, draws on it and they can see it. This LMS works with the Chrome browser. Canvas is like a digital whiteboard which you can share with students while teaching them. Google Meet can be used with canvas to share the screen with students. You can also upload the Canvas document on Google Docs and share it with students.

So, you can share the Canvas document with students.

Google Jamboard is an interactive tool which has options present for student writing on the whiteboard at the same time as you. You can share a Jamboard document just like you share a GoogleDoc for the students to edit the documents. So, this is how elearning has made learning more interesting for students.

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