How to evaluate the image gallery of an elearning tool?

elearning companies in the US

How to evaluate the image gallery of an elearning tool?

Elearning companies in the US may find a lot of challenges when it comes to creating content for their clients.

You need to have proper resources in place apart from the proper elearning tool. The right kind of authoring tool must have all the proper resources in place so that perfect elearning modules are created. How do you know which elearning platform provides the best of images for use in elearning before actually using it? When you decide to buy an elearning tool, it’s important to check its available resources so that you get the best return on investment on its purchase.

Make use of free trials

Most of the elearning tools provide you with a free trial period. You have a trial period with tools like Vyond. You can use this trial period to check whether the image gallery is per your requirements. The image gallery must have icons and images in vector format so that you can resize them without sacrificing the quality. So the elearning tool must have images available in its media library in such format. You can also check for other resources besides images in the media library of the tool. These resources include the background templates etc.

You can also take inputs from the elearning or the L&D team to know whether the available assets in the media library are enough or not. Your team can offer you some opinion based on the available assets based on its own experience of designing elearning projects.

Alignment of the images with your usage

When you have a look at the image gallery of the elearning tool, you must have a use case in mind. The meaning of this use case is that you must have an elearning project in mind. For example, whether the images will be able to support the learning objectives of the client? Apart from that, whether the characters used in such images represent your workforce. This applies both to the images available in the raster and the vector formats. You also need to check whether the images available have new faces too or the same faces with different expressions are used in every image.

Different sizes of images must be available

Also, make sure that the images are available in all sizes. When the images are not available in the correct size, they have to be resized. This leads to blurry images which are not liked at all by learners. If there are no images available in different sizes, they should be of a high resolution so that they can be converted to different sizes easily.

There should be images available for all kinds of courses. For example, when you have to prepare a compliance course, images should be available for the same. Images should be there of offices also, to explain all the compliance rules to employees by including such images in compliance elearning.

Updates in the asset library

Make sure that vendors add new resources from time to time. If you have to pay an extra price for more images, then you should know about such costs. Is there a limitation associated with the number of images you can use per month? If yes, then you must discuss this in a meeting scheduled before the purchase of the elearning software.

This is how elearning companies in the US must check out the image gallery of an elearning software before buying it


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