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What should the dictionary of an instructional designer contain?

Instructional designers learn many things as they grow in their careers.

But they need to know some terms when interacting with the L&D professionals because they are representatives of their organizations i.e. elearning companies in the US.

Instructional designing is one of the most coveted professions these days. Its because it pays well. There can be the use of the following terms in this profession and every instructional designer should know about them.

Design document

It’s important because it is the outline of the project. It’s about how you will proceed. It creates the goals of elearning the models. There are also ways to check how learners have responded to the elearning module. What should be used to deliver the elearning including an LMS platform or a mobile app?

Instructional design models

Instructional designing models are very useful for instructional design. They are an important part of how to create a syllabus. When you follow Gagne’s taxonomy, you know how to create a module. The elearning models also talk about how to motivate learners like stimulating recall of anything they know from before.

Synchronous/asynchronous learning

Synchronous learning happens all the time when the learner and the trainer come face-to-face. The instructor also hosts webinars and learners are a part of them. While asynchronous learning is more popular because learners and trainers can’t be together at the same time.


A storyboard is not as detailed as the design document. It is more of a wireframe. So the slides are prepared and what kind of visual elements will be there in each slide. These elements could include text blocks and notes. They could also include images. So, such a storyboard is given to various course curators to ensure that they contribute their part. Like graphic designers come up with images where IDs write the storyboard and then see to it has the proper text. Developers make sure that the animation in the storyboard is perfect.

Evaluation points

An ID must be aware of the elearning criteria for the measurement of success. Courses have their assessments to check how much the learners have grasped. They can be checked for performing the steps well in simulations to know how well they can do tasks.

Enhancement in Performances

The first point is what the current knowledge of learners is. The second point what will they know after training. So, the gap in between such knowledge is the gap every instructional designer should aim to bridge through the elearning course.

Feedback from elearning

Feedback can be given to learners about how they must use the elearning module. On the other hand, you can also get feedback from them about how to improve the module. This kind of feedback can be in the form of an assessment of learners where you get to know how well they have understood. Focus groups can also be formed to know about the learning needs of learners.


So, these are some of the terms an ID must be knowing.


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