When is it time to upgrade to a new elearning tool?

elearning companies in the US

When is it time to upgrade to a new elearning tool?

Elearning companies in the US need to know whether their elearning tool is sufficient or not.

An elearning course can’t be all about turning pages by clicking on the “Next” button.

There should be an involvement built in the course. This implies that the participants never sleep while watching the course. But if your course does not provide any such possibility of recall and involvement, it’s better to change the elearning tool.

Not able to provide content for mobile phones

When there is no ability in the elearning tool to provide mobile-based content to employees. These days, employees are quite busy they can’t start their laptop or desktop PC to view the elearning content. They must be able to access the content on mobile phones. So, the elearning tool must be able to produce content for mobile phones. You must have HTML5 enabled in such a tool that the content can be developed for mobile phones at the same time as for a desktop LMS.

Taking care of branding

Branding is important for a company. Therefore, an online course must be able to take care of it. The elearning tool should take care of the use of proper colours in slides. This use of colours could be in the characters and background of the slide. So, you can’t neglect to brand while designing your course. Including a corporate logo on the slides is just not enough. The use of colours is also important. If your elearning tool is not able to do that, it’s time for a change.

A good digital library

Once you use the rapid authoring tools, such as Vyond, you get access to a repository of digital characters, their expressions and backgrounds. This makes sure that you don’t have to look outside the authoring tool on the web for such assets. The time to replace an authoring tool comes when it does have such a repository of assets. Apart from character background images, the tool must have sound effects like background music. You can’t be uploading assets such as these to the authoring tool all the time for making the best slides. So, to save time and effort, it’s better to have an authoring that has a good digital library of assets.

No import of assets possible

One of the best ways to create interactive slides is to be able to import content. This could be in the form of old training material like videos and assets like images you have created before. They could also be uploaded from the web. This could also be in the form of slides, created by you before with all the characters and background effects. But if your elearning tool does not allow such a facility, it’s useless. This implies that you have to copy and paste assets in the various folders of the elearning tool. This is not an easy task provided you have to upload a lot of assets all the time. So, it’s time to replace the outdated authoring tool which does not have the feature of “one-click” uploads.

These are all the features of an elearning authoring tool that must be present otherwise elearning companies in the US must think of replacing it.


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