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How to get an elearning tool for your company?

Training has become an important part of any company’s strategy these days. There can be problems in the implementation of technology as well as human elements in training. How can you get rid of obstacles in training? In online learning, employees are trained through an LMS but using elearning software to prepare such a course can have its problems.  

  • Elearning platform and skills of developers: 

Once you are trying to use a new elearning tool to generate a course, it’s better to check that it matches your skills.

The tool should be as per the skills of developers so that they can prepare an interactive and understandable module through it.

Once the developers find the user interface of the elearning tool quite tough to use, the end product or the elearning module might not be up to anyone’s satisfaction. It’s easy to use a new elearning tool when it’s user-intuitive i.e. your developers can figure out how it is to be used.

  • Make sure that the course is responsive to all devices: 

For those employees who are traveling because of the nature of their jobs and don’t have time to access their desktop PCs, having a course accessible on mobile phones is a comfort. This is to say that the elearning course should be device friendly. So, make sure that the elearning tool allows you to be able to produce responsive courses.

Employees might also like browsing the content more on phones rather than PCs. So, they are not convinced with a course that has poor screen resolution when watched on a cell phone. There can also be a problem when the course is not accessible on a cellphone i.e. it does not work on such a device. They might not be able to understand that the course isn’t compatible with the browser used on the cell phone. So, it’s better that the course is compatible with all devices and browsers.

  • Automation in the elearning tool: 

In the case of elearning, a very important concern is that an employee’s performance is updated. You must ask your elearning vendor how the software will automatically capture and update the progress of employees. An LMS can be used to track the progress of employees. It’s because the elearning course is updated on an LMS.

So, an elearning system must be able to update the records of employees even if they are studying offline. This way, when their progress is recorded, it can be updated in the LMS or the elearning tool, to make sure that their classes are arranged as per their learning.

  • Ease of editing the course:

Although your course developers might have skills, they might not able to work with them. It’s because the elearning tool lacks certain kinds of functionalities like sound editing. This is why a course might not be as accessible as it should be. So, an elearning tool must have capacities for sound, video, and text editing.

So, these are some of the issues when choosing an elearning tool


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