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How can mobile learning solve problems of classroom training?

Many organizations face problems in hiring suitable kind of candidates. It is also because some of the candidates don’t have the requisite skills. Employers are looking for different skills in employees, such as attendance and emotional intelligence. Organizations know that the right way to avoid such problems is to train employees in the right skills. But employees are averse to training because of their heavy workload and they don’t have extra time. 

However, employees have an extra 5 minutes on their hands every day to get trained. However how to ensure, that employees are trained properly with only these 5 minutes.

This is possible with the help of mobile learning. 

Problems with classroom training and how mobile training is useful:

Challenge 1Restrictions of training 

Training employees in skills includes training them in classrooms. But follow-up learning is also important so employees employ all their training skills at the workplace. Apart from PowerPoint training which is all about formal training, the employees can also be given practical training which involves showing them a simulation or a video clip regarding how to repair a certain part of the machine. These kinds of videos are an integral part of mobile learning because learners can watch them on mobile phones whenever they wish.

The biggest advantage of mobile learning is that employees can learn while they are working, they can watch such videos even during lunch hours. It’s because mobile can be taken by an employee anywhere. 

For example, if there is the challenge of training salespersons operating in different parts of the country, it’s not possible to collect them at a single place for delivering sales skills. But through mobile learning, their skills can be upgraded. 

Challenge 2: Problems with geography and language 

Organizations have truly expanded their operations. Now, MNCs are there with branches in different parts of the world. So it’s not easy to gather all the employees at the same time for training. Although virtual-led instructor training(VILT) has made sure that employees can be collected for training online regardless of their locations, this is not possible in different time zones. 

When it comes to the question of language, elearning training can also help. Elearning courses can be translated easily. So, it’s easy to understand for learners from different countries. 

Challenge 3Lack of employee interest in classroom training 

Mobile learning ensures that learners can learn on the devices preferred by them. Also, the new-generation employees love learning on mobile phones. Apart from that, since mobiles have the greatest accessibility, learners can learn anything whenever they want. 

Hence mobile learning can solve the problem of classroom training.  




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