How to arrange information in elearning to get maximum user attention?

ELearning has become one of the most important parts of learning today.

The main motive of an elearning environment is to make sure that the user gets to see something thoughtful. There should be a layout in the elearning design. This requires creative artistic design. There should be a proper concentration on the different elearning elements such as login form and the size of the video player. A proper elearning design can only make sure that the visitors purchase the course. There should be symmetry in the design especially its theoretical elements. 

How to arrange the information on an elearning platform?

If you want to see how the visitors decide the search for information, then they do so through an F pattern. The visitors first search for information by starting from the top, then moving in the left and then right and finally in the left direction again. You have to make sure that this content search pattern is followed while arranging information on the elearning platform. You have to make sure that information is arranged carefully on the slides so that people bother to go through it. 

The content can also be arranged into grids. This implies putting the content into columns and rows. The visitors can slide across the screen because the content is arranged naturally in a grid. This kind of grid alignment is more suited to a website design. However, for an elearning content design, it’s better to have content designed in a hierarchy where the content is placed on the top as per its popularity. Since the visitors can see the more popular content on the top, they are likely to be more attentive to the content. 

The most attention should be paid to designing a home page because it creates the first impression of the elearning course. The learners get the best impression from a design. The design of the elearning course should indicate to the visitors that they have arrived at the right place to get the information needed by them. 

How to create the right impression upon visitors? 

The use of the right colours is important in an elearning design. There should also be gaps in the content attained with the proper use of white space. The most popular colours used in an elearning design are blue, purple, yellow and orange. These colours are applied because they inculcate special feelings of wisdom, faith and stimulate the learner mentally which means he is excited to read more about the topic. 

There can also be a video about how the elearning module operates. When the users watch the video and give a user review, you get to know how good is your video. For example, you can upload the homepage design on Youtube and get an honest opinion from future users. Such user reviews can also be shown to other users in a brief video that explains the module’s working and what is the feedback about it. 

So, this is how information can be arranged in an elearning module. 


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