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What is extended enterprise training?

Corporate training is the most important priority for companies now.

Now, extended enterprise training is also getting popular. It refers to the training of external stakeholders associated with the company. Companies have till now focused on employee training.

These external stakeholders are quite critical to the success of a company. They can be those who sell your product and those who buy it. With external stakeholders trained properly, there can be greater brand awareness. These stakeholders can be informed better about the company’s products through such training.

There are two kinds of corporate training involved in extended enterprise training. These pieces of training are:

Customer training

This kind of training is meant for customers. It implies that the clients can use products more easily. They have in-depth knowledge about the ways products have to be used.

Partner training

This training is meant for those who have a direct bearing on your business. You can give them training about how to sell your products. The training can also make partners more acquainted with the features of your products.

Why train these external parties?

Technology is abundant today which has made sure that training can be provided to anybody. There can be multiple stakeholders who can access the LMS for different kinds of courses. All this is possible with an extended enterprise LMS. Moreover, stakeholders such as salespersons can form a stronger bond with the company because of effective training to do their jobs.

The second reason why external enterprise training is getting so popular is that companies want to be better than the competition. This is only possible when customers can get all the relevant information about the products. With proper training, the customers know whether they should decide in favour of this product. Its because due to lack of training, a customer might not become aware of the features of the product and how to use it.

Training helps a product become a brand. People know that they can rely on a company because it is willing to provide so much information about itself. Through proper customer training, they become interested and assured about a company’s excellent product offerings. With extended enterprise training, you can also create brand awareness.

Creating brand awareness

When you create an impression upon prospective buyers with the help of training, you make them believe in your brand. People become more aware of the values of your company. It is important to train the customers on how to use the product because the first impressions of the product are important. You want customers to have better experiences with a company’s products. This results in the best possible impact of the company on customers and they share their feedback with other potential buyers.

Through elearning customer can retain knowledge about the product. The customers can choose a favourite product because corporate training is fresh in their mind.

Elearning based on the extended enterprise model makes sure you can talk to customers. This ensures that they have positive opinions and a better response to products.


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