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How to create integrity and security in online learning?

Elearning is one of the most important parts of modern-day online learning today.

The teachers are now teaching students through tools such as Google Zoom. However, there can be someone who can disturb a Zoom call and show inapt behavior towards kids. Make sure that there are authentication measures used so that uninvited members don’t become a part of Zoom call. There should be proper credentials given to members to access the Zoom call.
Participating in such a call without the proper authorization is known as Zoombombing . This happens when someone gets access to the link of a Zoom meeting. Such links are indeed shared between coworkers etc. Someone can also get access to such links when they google So, this Zoombombing is used to laugh at the participants or show them vulgar content in a Zoom meeting.

There can be various Settings changed in a Zoom meeting to prevent Zoombombing.

Following is the list of measures you can take:

  1. You can go to the Settings tab on the personal dashboard of the Google Zoom call page.
  2. Then click on the Embed passcode in the meeting link for one-click join option and disable it. This option makes sure that unauthorized members can join the Zoom chat without even having the passcode for it.
  3. You can also disable Screen Sharing so that participants can’t share anything from their Desktop on the Zoom chat. The host of the meeting should only be able to share something from his Desktop during the call. This option can be disabled by selecting the Hosts Only option as per the Screen sharing option.
  4. Nefarious files can be sent in a Zoom chat. So, make sure that this does not happen. This can be prevented by allowing users to share files of only authorized types. This can be done by choosing the option “Only allow specified file types” under the File transfer option.
  5. Some unauthorized participants can also take part in the Zoom call. This can only happen when participants are allowed to rename themselves when taking part in a call. This should be completely unallowed. It can be achieved by disallowing the option “Allow participants to rename themselves”.Disabling this option will ensure that the participants who have been allowed can only take part in the Zoom call with their original names.
  6. There are also other threats to data security apart from Zoombombing. There is another way, this Zoombombing can be prevented. There is another option that has been disabled which is “Allow participants to join before host”. Don’t enable this option under any circumstances. In case, the participants have come to attend a Zoom call before the host they should wait. They can do so in a “Waiting Room”. Since April 5, 2020, this feature is allowed by default. The participants can later join the call if the host allows them.

How to protect the training data?

LMS must also be a secure portal. This means that the LMS must have an HTTPS security certificate. This is important so that no one can hack the LMS portal or the student’s PC through the LMS. It’s also important that the content is not hosted on a cloud-based LMS platform. Instead, there should be a dedicated hosting server for your LMS portal or make sure it is hosted on the same server as the corporate website.

The data hosted on the LMS must be backed up also. This way, even if the LMS is hacked, the data is protected. The LMS must have encryption of data so that it can’t be hacked.

This is how data in online training can be prevented from being accessed by malicious parties.


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