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Where to deploy the elearning authoring tool?

eLearning tools are used to create good quality content so that you can train people properly. These tools are very helpful in creating an online course. You can edit current materials, and also employ templates of these authoring tools.
Apart from templates, these tools have images also. But where to deploy these tools?

Choosing the deployment of the eLearning tool is important because it affects how you can access the tool, and how long before you start working with it.

There are various ways in which an elearning tool can be hosted:

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • These elearning authoring tools are hosted on the cloud. The developers can access these tools from any system in the office or from anywhere else. These cloud-based elearning tools are taken care of by their vendors. They charge a monthly subscription fee in return for the maintenance of the tool. The vendors help you with all the IT upgrades for the tool. They also help you in case you have any difficulty working with the tool.

  • Hosting on local PC’s of the company
  • You can also host an elearning tool on your system. This implies that the software needs to be downloaded on the local computer. But there are more hassles involved in using such a system. It’s because the maintenance of the authoring tool depends on your IT staff.

    Apart from that, since you have downloaded the software on your company’s PCs and don’t require anyone to host it, there are no fees required except the licensing fee. You can share the data among the different PCs through email or shared network drives.

  • Hosting on local servers of the company
  • It’s better to have a server for hosting the authoring tool. This way, everyone can’t access it except those who have the server credentials. Also, the entire data is stored on the server. The best part is that everyone can access it from the server despite the geographical location. The data is also safe since your security procedures have been implemented.

    Fees are charged varying with vendors. Some vendors charge a subscription fee on monthly basis and others charge a single time fee.

  • Hosted on the mobile app
  • There can be apps given by the elearning tool vendor which can be installed on any mobile device. These apps make sure that the developers can use them to send content. With a native app, users can work in an elearning authoring tool on an Ipad. These apps can also be easily used when the elearning tool has a drag and drop functionality for templates and images. But you have to ensure that the app can be used on all kinds of mobile devices.

    The course created can then be uploaded to any LMS or included in any website.

  • Hosted on desktop PCs

The users of the elearning authoring tool can also include the desktop app of such tools on their PCs. This is an easy way to use the tool because no internet connection is needed to work with it. The desktop app automatically stores all the progress like the slides created in the software. Adobe Captivate is one such software that does not require any internet connection to work with it.

This is how you can host an elearning authoring tool on the device of your choice.


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